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BluB0X and BluSKY


BluBØX is a leading provider of physical security products, offering a range of innovative solutions for residential, small business, and enterprise customers. The company's flagship product, BluSKY, is a cloud-based security platform that is easy to use and accessible from any device. It has a flexible web interface and open API, and uses non-proprietary hardware, making it a risk-free investment for customers. BluSKY's built-in intelligence provides deep monitoring and automatic corrective action, and the cloud-based platform ensures data safety and software updates. Additionally, BluSKY protects against cyber-attacks and provides high availability, business continuity, automatic backups, and automatic software upgrades.

In addition to BluSKY, BluBØX also offers the Person Reader, a patented all-in-one reader, intercom, camera, and guest entry device. This intelligent device can read a variety of credentials, including face, voice, proximity cards, and more, and is convenient, fast, and accurate. It can be used at doors, turnstiles, elevators, or any location where identity verification is needed. The Person Reader also has SIP-based audio and video intercom capabilities, an integrated touch screen directory, door control functions, a mobile app, and the ability to make cellular and internet calls. It also has a built-in 2MP camera for video recording, and can be used for guest enrollment, check-in, and credential management.

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BluSKY is an all-in-one AI Cloud-based IoT and security platform for Residential, SMB, and Enterprise. It protects your enterprise, regardless of scale or requirements while reducing the complexity of security and increasing convenience. Its True Mobile UI works on any device, anywhere, anytime and its simple and intuitive interface doesn't require training. Its open API and non-proprietary hardware make it a risk-free investment and provide freedom of choice for all customers. Its built-in intelligence provides deep monitoring of all connected devices and events, notification of risks and automatic corrective action. The BluSKY Cloud keeps data safe and applications up to date. It protects against cyber attacks and provides business continuity, automatic backups, and automatic software upgrades. BluSKY is the most effective IoT and security system available and the only platform you need.

BluSKY Overview

BluSKY Features and Benefits

BluSKY Value Prop

BluB0X Open Cloud vs Closed Client Server 

Security Designed for Convenience

BluBØX Products


BluBØX provides hardware and software for a complete end-to-end and integrated out-of-the-box security solution for any size customer in any vertical.  

At its core, BluBØX products provide Access Control, Alarm/Intrusion, Visitor/Vendor Management, Video, Relay Elevator, Destination Dispatch Elevator, Biometrics, Intercom, Power Management, and System Health.

BluCHIP Hardware is non-proprietary and open; installed and supported by any qualified reseller. All systems are plug and play and IP-based. The hardware components include HID's Mercury Controllers and LifeSafety Power enclosures (available individually or as kits). It also includes a line of Person Readers, Destination Dispatch Processors, Cameras, Video, and video Analytics Processors. It supports third-party devices such as card and biometric readers, wireless locks, cameras, and alarms. All BluChip Hardware is designed to be monitored 24/7 by the BluSKY Health System. BluCHIP Hardware can either be purchased one-time upfront or overtime as-a-service.

Get an overview of what BluBØX has to offer in this Products Video, Products Presentation or click on links below:


Product Comparisons

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BluBØX provides the most integrated and feature-rich security platform of all the major brands. This is achieved through its system architecture, database architecture, and nine core technologies. BluBØX also provides an unmatched infrastructure with built-in AI, System Health, and Remote Diagnostic tools that yield the fastest and best service possible. Below we compare BluBØX to any client-server system, other cloud systems, and all major brands and see how BluBØX beats the competition every single time. 

Cloud Providers

BluBØX Open Cloud vs Legacy Client Server

True Cloud vs "Cloud Like"

BluB0X Security v. Feenics Systems

BluSKY Solutions

BluSKY prioritizes understanding and addressing the unique security needs of various industries, resulting in tailored solutions that effectively address challenges and eliminate pain points in legacy client-server security systems. Explore our offerings by selecting a specific industry below.



Upgrading to BluBØX and BluSKY


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Regardless of your current security system, you can upgrade to BluSKY for roughly the same cost as an annual maintenance contract and software support agreement. The BluSKY Cloud makes the transition fast and easy with a cost that is 25% - 75% less expensive than rip-and-replace because the majority of the equipment is reused or replaced with a Cloud service. No matter what legacy system is installed, BluBØX has a migration path to get you up and running and enjoying the benefits of BluSKY. To make the transition easier, BluBØX can finance any capital portion of the replacement, turning your capital expenses into operating expenses.  

Breathe new life and capabilities into your dated system by bringing it to the BluSKY Cloud. Check out the options below:

Upgrade to BluBØX

BluSKY Connect

Upgrading from Other Mercury Based Systems

Mercury Conversions - software upgrade

OneFacility-Mercury Conversions - software upgrade

OneFacility-AMAG Conversions - software and panel upgrade

Honeywell Conversions - software upgrade

CASI Conversions - software and board upgrade

SoftwareHouse Conversions - software and board upgrade

Proprietary Conversions - software and panel upgrade

BluSKY Demo

Try it, before you buy it. BluBØX provides a BluSKY demo environment to resellers, end users and consultants for presentations or product evaluations. It is designed to demonstrate every capability that BluSKY offers. First-timers should check out Twelve Things to Try in BluSKY. Otherwise, dive right in! Try BluSKY from any device, anywhere, anytime. Amazingly, you won't need any training. Click the HELP in the upper right corner of any screen for page-level help.

To help visualize the demo environment watch the video Multi-Tenant Commercial Office Building Demo.

To log in to the BluSKY demo environment go to

To log in as Christina Bailey, Chief Security Officer

  • Use Email:
  • Use Password: Blub0x123! (the first "B" is capitalized and the "0" is a zero)

Christina Bailey is the Chief Security Officer at American Security. She has permissions for everything in two fictitious buildings; Demo 125 High St. and Demo 127 High St.

To log in as Michelle Wilson, Tenant Facility Manager

  • Use Email:
  • Use Password: Blub0x123!

Michelle Wilson is the Tenant Facility Manager at National Bank, a tenant at both Demo 125 and Demo 127 High St. has permissions to administer just her company's information in both buildings. National Bank also has its own separate tenant security system in Demo 125 High St. Michelle can administer both systems using a single database and one employee record even though there are two separate systems. This is a unique feature of BluSKY.

To log in as Terry Smith, Employee

  • Use Email:
  • Use Password: Blub0x123!

Terry Smith is an employee at National Bank. He has basic permissions to view his own profile, use BluREMOTE on his smartphone to release doors, turnstiles, and elevators and invite visitors in Demo 127 High St. only.

Try other Demo Log Ins to see how your role changes what you can do in BluSKY. 

To understand the demo environment hardware view the Demo Environment Schematic

Watch these short videos to learn how to log on and take BluSKY for a test drive:



Reference List


HYPE Ad Graph - Stats copy.jpg

BluSKY has been in operation since September of 2014 with its first system brought online February 2015. Since then BluBØX has added more than 1K sites and continues to add new customers every month. BluSKY is unique among security products in that there are many more people using BluSKY on a daily basis. Its Cloud and mobile architecture enable every person to control their security system, take pictures, run reports, open doors and turnstiles and request elevators with their smartphone and manage people, access, alarms, video, visitors, vendors and intercoms from any device, anywhere, anytime. As a result, BluSKY is tested every second of every day like no other product in the marketplace. This ensures its robustness and continuous improvement and is an important difference between BluSKY and its competitors.

The BluBØX Reference List provides a sample of installed projects of different sizes, in different geographic locations, across different verticals and spanning a variety of technologies. Each reference includes the project name, date, type, location, vertical, scope and systems used in the installation. A list of End User, System Integrator and Technology Partner references with contact information is also provided. 


BluBØX architecture is based upon the nine key disruptive technologies that make up a modern IoT and security platform. These technologies follow the natural progression of disruptive cycles that preceded the current generation and are aligned with the MegaTrends of our industry and technology in general.

BluSKY's cross-system, multi-site, multi-tenant database architecture is both flexible and powerful. It enables systems to be DIY, managed or both simultaneously. BluSKY's all-in-one architecture simplifies designing, implementing and supporting an IoT and security platform. 

Choosing the right architecture is the most important decision when installing or upgrading a system. BluSKY's architecture will lead you down a path of limitless possibilities while proprietary client-server architecture is a dead-end street.


Typical Systems


32 Door EP1502 Access Control Rev 03.png
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To make system design and quoting easier, BluBØX provides system architecture drawings, hardware, software, and BluSKY licenses for every type of system. All prices shown in the typical systems examples are in MSRP. 

BluSKY Platform


An important aspect of facility management is protecting people and physical assets. This requires you to have tools in place to cost-effectively manage the flow of personnel, visitors, and contractors, quickly respond to unfolding risk events and verify that security measures are fully operational 24/7.

Unlike traditional security systems, BluSKY provides management of access control, intrusion, video surveillance, visitor management, and biometrics through a cloud-based web application with full functionality available on any device, anywhere, anytime.



In real time, 24/7, BluSKY analyzes every aspect of every BluBØX security system and determines if it should notify anyone or automatically control something based upon analytics, rules and intelligence. Combined with BluSKY’s ability to respond from any device, anywhere at any time - security risks can be eliminated immediately. So no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing - BluSKY AI is always watching out for you.

All events and data from the local BluBØX security system are sent in real time to BluSKY. In addition, all user database changes, configurations, and operator activities from the BluSKY are also captured in real time. All these events and data are processed by intelligent analytics to create a summary and statistical information and new events. Some analytics are performed by the local BluBØX security system while other analytics are performed by BluSKY in the BluBØX Cloud. Intelligent analytics are constantly changing and adapting based on the constant flow of new data and events. Intelligent Analytics are modular and extract specific information for specific applications enabling tailored system intelligence.


Access Control


BluSKY’s Access Control simplifies, speeds and strengthens access management through a variety of unique features. Administrators easily configure access for facility personnel, vendors and other visitors across any number of sites and buildings. Access can be managed by an individual or group. A video, photos, and user data can be associated with access events and alarms in real-time for live access monitoring or for historical record review. Manage it all from the single cloud-based BluSKY software platform.

Multi-tenant building managers save time and eliminate errors by granting tenants DIY access management privileges to common areas for the tenant’s personnel. Multi-tenant building occupants with their own independent BluBØX systems can use the BluSKY platform to seamlessly manage access for their own internal areas as well as building common areas. BluSKY provides a fully unified system with one database and one web-based user interface to provide the same user experience to all users per their system role authorizations and responsibilities.

The Person Reader

The Person Reader is the All-In-One Intelligent Reader, Intercom, Camera, and Visitor Entry Device. It's available in multiple models: PR-S, PR-M3, PR-LT3 & PR-DDE-LT3, PR-XLT3 & PR-DDE-XLT3, PR-2XLT3 & PR-DDE-2XLT3 with a touchscreen or a mechanical keypad, and supports low and high frequency HID Prox, MiFARE CSN, HID Bluetooth, 2-way stereo audio and SIP communication. It has a 2-D 2 MP color camera and a 3-D IR depth camera.

As a multi-biometric, multi-factor intelligent reader it can identify a person based on their biometrics, name, card, Bluetooth credential, bar or QR code, PIN and Cloud Credential. This makes the Person Reader versatile, robust and accurate. It uses two biometrics, face, and voice, for more secure and convenient access. The Person Reader is simple, fast and natural to use. Just look at it, be recognized and admitted. Totally hands-free. There is also no distinctive enrollment procedure.  It learns what you look like by your first arrival, and how you change over time.

As an intercom, the Person Reader is a two-way audio/video communication device. It is SIP-based and can integrate with most intercom systems. It is deeply integrated with BluSKY's Cloud Station which enables the Person Reader to be answered from anywhere, on any device, as well as control the end devices from the same interface.

As a visitor entry device, the Person Reader can be used as a self-check-in visitor station at a door, gate, security desk, reception area or loading dock. Visitors can find their pre-registered record by name, bar or QR code. The Person Reader can read and assign credentials, take photos, and check in and announce visitors. It functions in both attended or unattended modes.

As a camera, the Person Reader can associate a photo or video with every entry attempt. Future versions will include video streaming to third-party video recorders and video and audio analytics.

In terms of price, the Person Reader starts at $2,300 allowing it to compete with much less capable identity and entry devices.

PR March 2024 Stacked.jpg

Alarm Management and Intrusion Detection 


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BluSKY’s Alarm Management consolidates alarm response and management for a single facility or across an entire enterprise. Seamlessly integrating with leading third-party alarm panels and other hardware, Alarm Management employs an efficient, easy-to-use interface to ensure fast, consistent alarm response and reporting. Security staff can view a comprehensive data dashboard and perform all functions regardless of their location; user-defined rules allow for automatic notification of key personnel and other actions. In addition, Alarm Management stores all audit and response information within the BluSKY database, providing powerful facilities for business intelligence and trend analysis. 

Video Management System Integration

BluSKY brings any local video to the Cloud. Current integrations include - Milestone, Salient, Exacq, Avigilon, Arcules, and Genetec. The integration also provides a vehicle to integrate BluSKY AI, Access, Alarms, Visitor, Intercom and Biometric applications to create a unified security platform to address all core security functions in one system. The system can run simultaneously on-premise and in the BluBØX Cloud making the entire solution accessible from any device, anywhere, any time by an unlimited number of users.

Video and video events can be seen on any device, anywhere at any time without having to install software or mobile apps. Video that was once limited to the local NVR and workstations can now be shared with an unlimited number of users simultaneously. Video sent to the BluBØX Cloud can be from live or recorded video, video events or video associated with analytics, access, alarm, visitor, intercom or operator events.

BluSKY can run within the local video interface or on any device with a browser and internet connection. Whether you are on site or on the go, you can be notified and respond instantly with all the information you need to be delivered right to your fingertips. Add AI through BluSKY Analytics and BluSKY Intelligence to create a smart system that proactively monitors and automatically adjusts system configuration and notifies the proper people when a security risk emerges.

BluSKY also makes installing and supporting any video system a breeze because all cameras are configured in the Cloud. Every camera, from every system deployed, can be seen from anywhere on any device. Combine this with BluSKY Video Diagnostics and BluSKY VPN, and you can remotely support all systems without having to roll a truck.

Video Management Integration Image_preview.png

Visitor and Vendor Management


BluSKY’s Visitor Processing automates and streamlines the complex process of pre-authorizing and admitting guests to secure facilities, without sacrificing safety and security. Visitor Processing provides centralized management and control of the diverse populations that commonly enter facilities as guests. It incorporates tools to notify staff of expected guests and alert them when visitors may be on a Watchlist. It provides professional, technology-enabled credentials, and creates a permanent record of each guest's visit to the premises.

Destination Dispatch Elevator Integration

The team at BluB0X has been providing integrations with Destination Dispatch Elevator Systems since 1998 and provides direct integration into all major Destination Dispatch Elevator providers. BluB0X supports every feature provided by every Elevator manufacturer and re-certifies its integration with all manufacturers every year. BluB0X's interface is computer to computer and eliminates the need for access control panels and reduces installation and support complexity. The BluSKY Architecture and DDE integration allow you to control and receive destination elevator car assignments on your mobile device as an employee, visitor, or vendor. BluSKY seamlessly integrates Access Control and Visitor Management at turnstiles and throughout a facility. BluSKY DDE Diagnostics and AI are instantly able to detect any problems and determine the root cause for quick remediation. Check out how BluPASS and BluREMOTE integrate with Destination Dispatch systems to reduce the total time to travel by 10-15%. 

DDE Image_preview.png

Relay Elevator Access Control


Allegion Integrated Lock Sets

Combines BluBØX's Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) technology with Allegion's Integrated Lock Readers (ILR) to provide the most streamlined PAC system available. Supports all Allegion PIM400s, Gateways and Wireless/RS-485/Weigand ILRs. Use for any size installation. ILRs are easy to install and connect directly to BluSKY via Gateway, PIM400 or Mercury panel. Expand in any direction to provide a complete, unified BluSKY security solution for any vertical market.

Allegion Intelligent Locks.jpg

ASSA ABLOY Integrated Lock Sets

ASSA Intelligent Locks.jpg

Combines BluBØX's Direct to Cloud D2C technology with ASSA ABLOY's Integrated Lock Readers (ILR) to provide the most streamlined PAC system available. Supports all ASSA ABLOY POE/Wiegand/Wireless/RS-485 ILRs. Use for any size installation. ILRs are easy to install and connect directly to BluSKY. Nothing in between. ASSA ABLOY PoE IP Locks leverage an existing LAN for both power and data, eliminating the need for an additional power supply or electrical wiring for added cost-savings.


BluSKY provides a virtual master station, SIP-based integration, and a virtual PBX exchange that can call any phone number. BluSKY integrates to any SIP-based door station such as The Person Reader, AXIS Door Station and 2N. BluSKY's virtual master station allows any device to receive a call with audio and video from any connected door station and release a door or gate remotely. BluSKY intercom functionality seamlessly integrates with all parts of the BluSKY system. The BluSKY intercom combined with The Person Reader is an ideal solution for multi-family projects where guests can make a call and the tenant can speak to them, see them, and release the entry point. 

Intercoms 2024.jpg

Power Management


Remote power monitoring and management with intelligence watches, notifies and reacts to all power related conditions. Get notified by email, text or while online when one of the power solutions is running hot, the access control won’t engage, or the security solution might somehow be compromised should a real emergency occur. Remotely access from anywhere, assess the system health, and even reboot or reset necessary components. If on-site service is necessary, it can be scheduled with the proper parts and accessories, so ideally the visit is accomplished during a single call. 

Power Management Datasheet


The DDE Diagnostics (formerly known as Destination Test Tool) is a crucial tool for Integrators while deploying and maintaining a destination dispatch system. This menu provides options for analyzing the state of the system and great tools for debugging a Person's access rights. This article discusses some of the important features provided through this option.

The Controller-Door-Floor Diagnostics tool is an important tool for Integrators. This tool extends the ability to manage a system remotely and provides powerful tools for updating and controlling the physical hardware. In this article, we discuss some of the options you will find in this menu.

The Input-Output Diagnostic page provides a method to control and diagnose the Monitoring Points and Control Points of a System. This article gives a high level look at what the Input-Output Diagnostic can accomplish.

The Power Diagnostics tool is a critical part of being able to remotely support a BluSKY System.  This tool provides important insights into the power system that operates the hardware, something that used to require a local person on the network. Did we mention this is all available without punching holes through the firewall? All together BluSKY provides an unprecedented ability to remotely control and support an installation from anywhere connected to the internet.

Any windows-based device that installs the Server Manager Service can be monitored and managed remotely using BluSKY Server Diagnostics. This includes seeing installed operating systems, applications and locations, installed versions, assigned versions, memory allocation, CPU utilization, etc. It also includes remote control capabilities such as rebooting, starting and stopping services, copying files, deleting files, etc. Local Server Diagnostics is also used for manually updating locally installed BluBØX software and can even update the Local Server Manager Service.


Access Level Diagnostics

Alarm Diagnostics

Allegion NDE Diagnostics

ASSA ABLOY DSR Diagnostics

Controller Diagnostics

Controller-Door-Floor Diagnostics

Database Diagnostics

DDE Diagnostics

Floor Stop Schedules Diagnostics

Input-Output Diagnostics

Power Diagnostics

Server Diagnostics

Person Reader Diagnostics

Video Diagnostics

AI Diagnostics

Platform Diagnostics


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Failure is NOT an Option

Typical Support Statistics

Total Remote Support

Simplified Remote Support from Anywhere

DIY Online Integrated Page-Level Help

Double Layer of Support - Reseller (Primary) + BluBØX (Backup)

Standard Support

Standard Support Contract

Database Integration



Software Upgrades/Product Releases


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One version, the current version. Delivers better software more often. Always run the best software available. Upgrades are automatic and seamless. Ten times more upgrades per year. Quick bug fixes. Firmware for local hardware automatically upgraded. Better support. Faster feature enhancements. Minimize installation and security risks.


Data Sheets




BluBØX provides an open, extensible RESTful API for integration into third party databases, applications and services. Our Professional Services team also provides assistance to those wishing to use the BluSKY API. 

The BluSKY API is constantly evolving. For the latest API please visit



A&E Specifications



Product Roadmap

What BluSKY will do in the future is as important as what it does today and should be a major consideration when evaluating products. BluBØX provides continuous improvement to its products and BluSKY evolves rapidly through monthly software releases. For this reason, we make our Product Roadmap publicly available for all to see and consider. We also receive tremendous feedback from our partners, consultants and end users that also becomes part of the product roadmap. If you have any good ideas for BluSKY please send us your thoughts to


Technology Partners