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Destination Dispatch Elevator Security

Six Major DDE Providers One Common Interface
Simple Appliance-Based Integration
DDE Override Control and Status
Access Control Integration
Visitor Processing Integration
Automatic Car Assignment at Turnstiles


The team at BluB0X has been providing integration with Destination Dispatch Elevator Systems since 1998 and provides direct integration into all major Destination Dispatch Elevator providers. BluB0X supports every features provided by every Elevator manufacturer and re-certifies its integration with all manufacturers every year. BluB0X's interface is computer to computer and eliminates the need for access control panels and reduces installation and support complexity. The BluSKY architecture and DDE integration allows you to control and receive destination elevator car assignments on your mobile device as an employee, visitor, or vendor. BluSKY seamlessly integrates Access Control and Visitor Management at turnstiles and throughout a facility. BluSKY DDE Diagnostics and AI are instantly able to detect any problems and determine the root cause for quick remediation. Check out how BluPASS and BluREMOTE integrate with Destination Dispatch systems to reduce total time to travel by 10-15%. 

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