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BluSKY Solutions for Smart Cities



BluSKY is the ultimate security platform for smart cities, designed to address the unique security challenges faced by cities with interconnected systems and devices. With its AI cloud-based access and video security platform, BluSKY delivers a unified solution for any smart city size and scale. 

BluSKY provides solutions to security challenges found across multiple smart city domains, including traffic management, public safety, waste management, energy distribution, and more. Its architecture and features address key security challenges such as system unification, database integration, easy and flexible administration, audits and compliance, cybersecurity protection, false alarms, visitor and vendor processing, and many others. 

Whether you are looking to secure city administration buildings, transportation hubs, or public gathering spaces, BluSKY has you covered. Explore its features in more detail below and discover why BluSKY is the ideal security solution for your smart city. 

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Access Control

Key Benefits
  1. Single sign-on and automated database integration from multiple sources
  2. One security platform that scales to addresses the varying requirements of corporate HQ, administration facilities, retail banking centers, boutique offices, data centers, and ATMs.
  3. Lower initial and total cost of security
  4. Peace of mind from cyber security and natural disaster threats, data loss and hardware failures
  5. Better and easier auditing and compliance reporting
  6. Audits with "teeth" based on data and usage
  7. 24/7 Deep Monitoring and notification of security threats
  8. Minimized false alarms at retail banking centers
  9. Better vendor control and vendor meet assurance
  10. Security management by exception
  11. Software-enforced policies, procedures, audits, and compliance
  12. Affordable Security Operations Centers anywhere and everywhere
  13. Better software, more often and without the upgrade headaches
  14. Better support and faster “time to fix"
  15. Easy upgrade from legacy client server hardware
  16. Continuous improvement of system capabilities
Key Features
  1. Cross System, Multi-Site, Multi-Tenant Control, and Administration
  2. Unified Security Everywhere - Access, Alarms and Intrusion, Video, Visitor, Vendors, Intercom, Biometrics, Intelligence, Reporting
  3. Cyber Security, Backup, Redundancy and Business Continuity Protection
  4. Real-Time Remote Control from Anywhere
  5. Nonproprietary Portal and Floor Access Using Your Smartphone
  6. 24/7 Intelligence, Deep Monitoring, and Notification
  7. Intrusion Detection, Video Verification, and UL Central Station Monitoring
  8. Comprehensive Reporting, Compliance, and Audits
  9. Integrated Multi-Biometric, Multi-Factor Person Reader
  10. Visitor and Vendor Management
  11. First Responder System Control and Monitoring from Anywhere
  12. Banking Center Keyless Entry
  13. Support for all WIFI Integrated Lock Readers from Allegion, ASSA ABLOY, and Salto
  14. Security Operations Centers - Anywhere and Everywhere
  15. Open Hardware platform and RESTful Software API
  16. 24/7 AI based System Health Monitoring and Remote Diagnostics
  17. Hardware-as-a-Service and Equipment Replacement Program

What Does a Smart City Look Like 2028?



9 Key Technologies of an IoT Platform

  1. Each technology contributes a key set of features and benefits that when combined, sum to greater than their parts.

IoT Platform Goals

IoT Platform Goals.png
  1. Infrastructure
  2. Open hardware and software
  3. Data consolidation and maintenance
  4. Easy information views – dashboards
  5. Quick, easy, at your fingertips – ADAWATAB
  6. Higher efficiency and lower cost
  7. Connection to onsite systems (things)
  8. Real time status and control of any system
  9. 24/7 Intelligence, analytics and monitoring
  10. Exception based management & target-based notification
  11. Real time response, collaboration and automation
  12. Continuous improvement


All Your Infrastructure Needs

  1. Unlimited servers and storage
  2. Redundancy and high availability
  3. Cyber security protection
  4. Scaled to your requirements
  5. Pay as you go and only for what you use
  6. No software to load or maintain
  7. Automatic software upgrades
  8. One easy number to budget annually
  9. Maintain and worry about nothing


Open Platform

  1. Freedom of choice
  2. Non-proprietary hardware and open software
  3. Open RESTful API
  4. Industry standards and compatible
  5. A future-proof investment
  6. Connects to everything

One Database. One Simple UI. One Time Clock. All Web.

  1. One database across all applications
  2. One simple user interface
  3. No software or mobile apps to load or maintain
  4. Manages facilities, occupancies, people, events and data
  5. Less administration and training
  6. Clean, accurate data
  7. One time clock for all events across all applications

Role and Policy Based People Management

  1. Define your roles and policies once, up front
  2. Determine permissions and access to facilities and systems
  3. Provide for self enrolling passwords and resets
  4. Minimize day-to-day administration
  5. Get consistent and uniform results

Easy Information Views - Dashboards

  1. Predefined and customizable dashlets, dashboards & reports
  2. Customizable input parameters
  3. Subscription based information automation
  4. PDF and Excel output
  5. Many graphs and charts
  6. Focused on key metric analytics


Quick, Easy, at Your Fingertips - ADAWATAB

Any Device, Any Where, Any Time = Everywhere


Higher Efficiency and Lower Cost


Connection to Onsite System (Things)


Real-time Status and Control of any System from Everywhere 


24/7 Intelligence, Analytics and Monitoring


Health and Status Monitoring

  1. Continuously monitors hardware, software and communications to ensure everything is working properly
  2. Notifies the proper group automatically if there is an issue and what the problem is
  3. Proactively looks for potential trouble spots
  4. Provides easy to understand system health dashlets and dashboards

Exception-based Management & Target-based Notifications

  1. Only manage the issues – more efficient
  2. Instant notification
  3. Email and text (SMS) service out-of-the-BØX
  4. Nothing to configure or maintain
  5. Notifications naturally integrated into the way you work
  6. Ability to respond immediately - ADAWATAB

Real-time Response, Collaboration and Automation


Continuous Improvement


BluSKY IoT Platform for Smart Cities


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