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BluSKY AI is Smart Security

See the risks before they find you

In real time, 24/7, BluSKY analyzes every aspect of every BluBØX security system and determines if it should notify anyone or automatically control something based upon Analytics, Rules and Intelligence. Combined with BluSKY’s ability to respond from any device, anywhere at any time - security risks can be eliminated immediately. So no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing - BluSKY AI is always watching out for you.

How AI works

All events and data from the local BluBØX security system are sent in real time to BluSKY. In addition, all user database changes, configurations, and operator activities from the BluSKY are also captured in real time. All events and data are processed by Intelligent Analytics to create a summary, statistical information, and new events. Some analytics are performed by the local BluBØX security system while other analytics are performed by BluSKY in the BluBØX Cloud. Intelligent analytics are constantly changing and adapting based on the constant flow of new data and events. Intelligent Analytics are modular and extract specific information for specific applications enabling tailored system intelligence.

BluSKY AIRules

Rules are predefined in every system. Many rules are globally available resulting in a Smart System out-of-the-box. Rules can be simple or combined to be complex. Rules can also be established across systems, facilities, and companies and can easily be turned on and off and scheduled. Every event from local hardware to Intelligent Analytics is analyzed against the rules in the Intelligence Engine. When a rule is satisfied, BluSKY takes immediate action. This could mean sending a notification and video clip to a distribution list or automatically controlling the local BluBØX security system.

Automated control extends across all applications and local BluBØX security system hardware. Most of the standard things that can be done through the BluSKY UI can by automated by BluSKY Intelligence.


Notifications templates are predefined for simple and complex rules and can contain information about the rule that was satisfied and what action was taken as a result. Notifications can be defined and sent as an email and SMS and can also be scheduled. Notifications are sent to a distribution list that can be explicitly and implicitly defined. Notifications can also include attachments and video clips.

When a user receives a BluSKY AI notification they can immediately review video or log into BluSKY and respond to the issue. This final capability closes the loop on immediately dispensing with security risks as they are detected by BluSKY AI.

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