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D2C Allegion Integrated Lock Reader PACS


Combines BluBØX's Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) technology with Allegion's Integrated Lock Readers (ILR) to provide the most streamlined PAC system available. Supports all Allegion PIM400s, Gateways and Wireless/RS-485/Weigand ILRs. Use for any size installation. ILRs are easy to install and connect directly to BluSKY via Gateway, PIM400 or Mercury panel. Expand in any direction to provide a complete, unified BluSKY security solution for any vertical market.


  • Pre-installation configuration of portals, alarms, locks, people and access from any device, anywhere, any time
  • Provides real-time control and status of alarm, lock and reader via BluSKY™ from anywhere
  • Monitor battery level via BluSKY™ Intelligence and receive notification when batteries need to be changed
  • Modify lock parameters from anywhere
  • Provides audit trail of lock activity and history
  • Self-documenting system with integrated diagnostics and system health
  • Lock sets read both proximity (125 kHz) and/or smart (13.56 MHz) credentials
  • Seamlessly integrates with all Allegion architectures and wireless locks:
    • Wi-Fi Direct (offline) NDE/LE wireless locks
    • RS-485 via PIM400 to AD-300/AD-400 wireless locks
    • RS-485 via ENGAGE Gateway to NDE/LE wireless locks
    • IP POE via ENGAGE Gateway and NDE/LE wireless locks
    • IP POE via ENGAGE Gateway and Control® Smart Lock
  • Can modularly expand to create a complete and unified BluSKY™ security solution including:
    • access control - hardwired portals, gates, turnstiles, relay elevator, destination dispatch elevator
    • video management
    • alarm management and intrusion detection
    • visitor and vendor management
    • control points
    • intercom
    • biometrics
    • DIY or central station monitoring

System Architecture Allegion Wireless Locks General Rev 02.png