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ASSA ABLOY DSR Diagnostics




BluSKY: BluBØX’s AI Cloud Based Access and Video Security Platform for SMB to Enterprise

ILR: Integrated Lock Reader – BB term - refers to a POE, Wireless or Wired lock that is integrated with a reader physically or functionally. Often referred to in the industry as a wireless lock.

D2C: Direct to Cloud – BB term

POE: Power Over Ethernet

AC: Access Control

DSR: Door Service Router – AA product/terminology

Use Direct-to-Cloud ASSA ABLOY Integrated Lock Reader PACS diagram for reference.

We have an AA POE ILR (IN220) and AA WIFI ILR (IN120) connected to our QA system and available for testing and certification

ASSA ABLOY DSR Diagnostics in Q/A (under Menu Setup->Diagnostics) – this is only available to BluBØX right now – it will be available to system integration partners after certification

Can be used to Test and Certify ASSA ABLOY – BluSKY Integration

Select the AC System



Select a Server/DSR (Door Service Router):

AssaAbloyAzureRouter – AssaAbloyTestServer

Note: DSRs can be in the Cloud, local or both – Local DSR software can run on a dedicated or any local server on the same network domain as the Lock/Readers.

Note: Local DSRs call out to the Cloud so no inbound network ports need to be opened.


With a DSR selected you can:

Show Heartbeats (checkbox) communication of online locks (not displaying currently)

List All Locks connected to the selected DSR

List Online Locks connected to the selected DSR

List Lock Types connected to the selected DSR

Show Schedules in the selected DSR

Show Authorizations (Access) in the selected DSR

Show Users (active card holders) in the selected DSR

Synchronize Router with BluSKY

Synchronize People with BluSKY – Note: may take some time depending on the size of database

Reset Router and deletes all people, access and schedules in selected DSR – Note: must Synchronize Router and Synchronize People after Reset Router to return the system to normal operation

Delete People and their access rights in selected DSR – Note: must Synchronize People after Delete People to return the system to normal operation

Show Persons shows all People (Last Name, First Name) in the selected DSR

Select a Lock/Reader (Server Locks)


There are two types of locks:

1. Online (always) POE (IN220POE_1)

2. Online (once a day) WIFI (IN120WIFI_1)

With a Lock/Reader selected you can:

Get Lock Status for the selected Lock/Reader

Confirm Lock for the selected Lock/Reader

Lock Portal for the selected Lock/Reader – Note: only works for online (always) locks

Unlock Portal for the selected Lock/Reader – Note: only works for online (always) locks

Release Portal for the selected Lock/Reader

Show Persons, select a Card/Facility Code and Simulate Swipe for a particular Lock/Reader. The lock will be released for that person and an event will be created

In general,

Clear Screens to see the newly executed Server Commands and Server Replies

Pause the screens to stop Server Commands and Server Replies from continuously scrolling

Refresh Lock/Reader to get a list of Lock/Readers associated with the selected DSR

Show AC Systems to see a list of BluSKY systems using DSRs – Note: Systems displayed are permission based

Selected Server shows only commands and replies for the selected Server

We are currently modifying/adding functionality to ASSA ABLOY DSR Diagnostics and BluSKY
In general:

1. Field label modifications for clarity

2. Battery power levels per ILR

3. Power analytics

4. AI Power monitoring per ILR

5. Authorized User per ILR

6. Heartbeats

We also have an AA Wireless ILR connected to an RS-485 Aperio Hub connected to a Mercury EP-1502 connected to our Production system for testing and certification.

This can be found in Controller-Door-Floor Diagnostics in Production (under Menu Setup->Diagnostics)

Go to Controllers. Type in “Assa.” Select “Show Controllers.” Select “Assa Abloy EP1502 Gateway (1,91)-(Assa Abloy Test Facility)”

Refer to Controller-Door-Floor Diagnostics for help on how to use the diagnostic tool.