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BluSKY Platform

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BluSKY Platform

Security for the World We Live In

An important aspect of facility management is protecting people and physical assets. This requires you to have tools in place to cost-effectively manage the flow of personnel, visitors, and contractors, quickly respond to unfolding risk events and verify that security measures are fully operational 24/7.

Unlike traditional security systems, BluSKY provides management of access control, intrusion, video surveillance, visitor management, and biometrics through a cloud-based web application with full functionality available on any device, anywhere, anytime.

BluSKY Platform

Key Benefits

  1. Scales to fit any size business, facility and user population—SMB to Enterprise
  2. Access BluSKY on any device, anytime, anywhere and with any browser
  3. No software or apps to install
  4. Improved business continuity through off-site redundant data storage and BluSKY high availability
  5. Administration efficiency and data integrity with a common user interface and database for all systems
  6. Event record accuracy because all system events and alarms, and all operator activity, are synchronized to the same universal time clock
  7. More results with less effort by automating systems actions, notifications and tracking
  8. Reduced learning, configuration and integration costs through a single common user interface
  9. Add or remove system features at any time, without needing to place an order or install software
  10. Monthly billings are based on the prior month’s usage of selected features
  11. Unlimited simultaneous users

Key Features

  1. Hosted and protected in Microsoft Azure
  2. Browser-based applications
  3. Real-time communication, control and notification
  4. Cross-system, multi-site, partitioned architecture
  5. Immense cloud computing processing power applied as-needed for analytics or artificial intelligence
  6. Easily-configurable data displays and reports
  7. Simple or complex “if this then that” rules across any or all systems, to trigger system actions and notifications
  8. Simple data import & export available throughout the applications
  9. VPN-based access to site physical security infrastructure
  10. Integrated User Guide and Learning Management System
  11. Remote diagnostics and health and status monitoring
  12. Multi-layer security and data protection
  13. Seamless automatic software updates keep current with advancing technology
  14. Third-party data integration through an open RESTful API

All of Your Infrastructure Needs


Redundancy and high availability ensure BluBØX service is always ON, critical in the event of a failure. The Cloud and the structure of the databases allow it to be fully scalable to meet requirements from small to medium-sized businesses up to the largest multi-facility enterprises. BluBØX products are on a subscription-based license model- on-demand, pay-as-you-go, pay-for-what-you-use- resulting in a streamlined annual budget process. Access to the system is performed without downloading any mobile apps or local client software. Automatic software upgrades eliminate the need to maintain or regularly update the software.

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Unlimited Users, Licenses and Devices



BluSKY’s platform allows use on any device, anywhere, anytime with any browser, eliminating license key hassles and downloading apps. The number of simultaneous users or the number of database records is limitless. Dozens of optional feature licenses enable users to instantly activate or deactivate system features on an as-needed basis. Monthly billings are based on the prior month’s usage of selected features, so users only pay for the system capabilities they need. 

One Common Database

BluSKY’s Cloud architecture creates a single unified database across all applications, thus facilities, occupancies, people, and events are managed with ease. A single, unified database also provides clean, accurate data. A common universal time clock ensures timeline accuracy across all events and records in all applications. Administration and training are more efficient with an end-to-end security solution.   

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One Simple Web Interface. On any Device.

Simple Web Interface.png

A security system shouldn’t be complicated.  BluSKY creates a single user-friendly interface and 100% functionality across all devices. Users easily import and export data, customize with user‑defined fields and different views of data, search quickly to find what is needed across an entire system, capture photos of personnel, vendors, and visitors from anywhere and on any device, use BluSKY graphical maps and locations interface, and seamlessly prepare for audits with BluSKY reporting engine. 

Role and Policy-based People Management

Roles and policies are defined once and upfront using predefined roles and custom role creation. Single-click and person-based assignment of permissions, access rights, and badge templates minimize day-to-day administration. Role assignments for imported personnel records are automated for consistent and uniform results every time.

Role and Policy.png

Out-of-the-BØX Notifications


Out-of-the-BØX Email and text (SMS) service need no integration setup or maintenance. Built-in data fields provide relevant information for inclusion in messages. Distribution lists simplify recipient selection. The BluBØX rules engine and automation enable conditional notification delivery based on your communications plan, including messages to other systems and to central stations. Notifications are naturally integrated into the way you work.


Rules and Intelligence Engine

The built-in rules and intelligence engine ties it all together by providing analytics, automation, “Smart Building” integration and situational awareness. Users will significantly reduce recurring operational costs while providing a secure, convenient environment for employees, vendors, and guests. Rules and policies are defined in plain language and without the need for formulas. Rules-based automation helps enforce policies.  


Common Reporting and Analytics Engine


BluSKY provides 50 plus predefined reports that are available in both PDF and Excel format. Users run user-defined and saved reports, produce tabular and graphical data reports, use interactive reporting, view dashlets and interactive dashboards, automate report subscriptions, and use one synchronized close with proper time zone reporting. 

Health and Status Monitoring

Health and Status Monitoring continuously monitors hardware, software, and communications to ensure all seamless performance of system functionality.  The proper group is notified automatically of any issues or problems. BluSKY proactively looks for potential trouble spots with easy to understand system health dashlets and dashboards.


BluBØX Knowledge Base


The BluBØX Knowledge Base is available with a single click from anywhere in any BluSKY application. In addition to providing instant help for any part of the BluSKY platform, the Knowledge Base contains guidance and articles on how to best utilize the features of all BluBØX products.

Open API

The Open API gives you the ability to extend BluSKY by integrating it with your current and future business applications.  

  1. Service-oriented architecture
  2. Publish-Subscribe model
  3. REST, SOAP, JavaScript



Annual Licenses:

BluBØX Part # Item Description Unit Measure MSRP Unit Price
817-0100 Platform Cross-system access to multi-site/multi-tenant database infrastructure including photos, badging, photo-ID, and BluREMOTE access Per # of People in Database $1 - $6
817-1120 Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analytics, Rules, VPN, Deep Monitoring, Power Management, Reporting, System Health, Notifications, and Distribution % of Licenses variable