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The Person Reader Series

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The Person Reader is an all-in-one intelligent reader, intercom, camera, and visitor entry device designed to provide seamless and secure access control. Available in multiple models, the Person Reader supports a wide range of credentials and integrates deeply with BluSKY’s cloud-based access control system. It is ideal for use in doors, turnstiles, and elevators, offering robust, accurate, and user-friendly access solutions.

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Key Benefits

  1. Intuitive - looks and works just like a traditional reader
  2. Low cost - high value 
  3. Ease of use
  4. Speed
  5. Privacy
  6. Robustness 
  7. Deep integration in BluSKY - one record
  8. Easy to manage
  9. Proof of presence

Key Features

  1. All-in-one Intelligent reader, intercom, camera and visitor entry device
  2. Multi-biometric, multi-factor identification device with liveness  detection
  3. Fast, robust, accurate, and easy to use
  4. Uses any combination of appearance, voice, name, HID Prox/iCLASS®/Bluetooth, MiFARE, Barcode/QR Code, digital credentials or PIN
  5. AI-based, continuous learning, and enrollment on-the-fly
  6. Learns what you look like on your first arrival and how you change over time
  7. Can also function as an intercom and video camera
  8. Fully integrated into BluSKY - The AI cloud-based access control and video platform
  9. One database to manage all credentials
  10. Proof of presence photo for every entry access attempt
  11. Available in five models: Mini, Keypad, Touchscreen, XL, XXL 

Biometric Recognition

7 Classes of Features

  1. Color
  2. Size
  3. Appearance - greyscale
  4. Texture - greyscale
  5. Eye Region
  6. Depth - appearance
  7. Depth - texture

We will continue to add independent features because recognition should not be dependent on just one feature; as an example, people change each day and overtime in the way they look- this allows for it to be more robust.




PR 50 california - 2XLT3 Elevator 125.jpg

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  1. Doors - Convenience
  2. Reception Doors - Intercom, visitors, convenience
  3. Turnstiles - Convenience, visitors, proof of the presence
  4. Elevators - DDE
  5. Airports - Proof of presence requirement
  6. Server Rooms - Higher security multi-factor
  7. Data Center - Higher security multi-factor
  8. Residential - Intercom and convenience
  9. Hospitals - Hands-free germ-free convenience, the security of prescription drugs
  10. Schools - Visitors, vendors, student, and parent identification
  11. Social Services - Proof of identity
  12. Gyms - Membership proof of identity


One Reader, Multiple Credential Options

The Person Reader is ideal for doors, turnstiles, and elevators because it can read so many different credentials in one device. The Person Reader can identify a person based on their biometrics, name, card, Bluetooth credential, barcode or QR code, PIN, and cloud credential. This enables users to present the credential that is most convenient for them at the time and even do it in a hands-free way. It is also ideal for visitors and vendors enabling frictionless guest management using barcodes or QR codes, MiFARE cards, and Bluetooth mobile credentials. The Person Reader also eliminates having to try to fit multiple readers in a small area like a turnstile or elevator.

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BluB0X AI Controller

AI Controller Graphics copy.jpg
  1. Cloud managed software and firmware
  2. Up to 16 cameras
  3. Up to 8 TB of storage
  4. 6 NVIDIA SOM’s to choose from
  5. Built in video and data analytics
  6. License plate recognition
  7. Up to 4 readers, 4 inputs, 2 outputs
  8. Up to 16 SIP Intercoms
  9. Destination Dispatch Elevators
  10. Power Management
  11. Low voltage or POE+ powers entire board and locks
  12. Face, voice and name recognition
  13. BluB0X Bluetooth/NFC/HF, HID iCLASS®, HID Bluetooth, OSDP
  14. Open architecture
  15. Open API

Destination Dispatch Person Readers

Person Reader DD 2024.jpg
  1. Multiple Credentials and Identification Methods – Face, Voice, Name, Card, Mobile, QR Code, PIN - HID Compatible
  2. Destination Dispatch Interface with Automatic Floor Assignment
  3. Self Learning Floor Assignment, Automatic Assignment and Override
  4. QR Code, Card or Mobile Credential Visitor Check In and DDE Assignment
  5. Mobile Phone Floor Selection and Elevator Car Assignment
  6. Intercom
  7. Face and Name Recognition Self Enrollment on the Fly
  8. Opt-In Biometrics – User Preference
  9. Anti-Spoof Detection
  10. ADA Compliant
  11. Speech Recognition and Commands
  12. 2 MP Camera and NVR

Person Reader Turnstile and Elevator Application

The Person Reader reads any type of credential and is integrated with the Destination Dispatch System automatically giving your assignment at the turnstile, or you can enter the floor you are going to at the turnstile turning wait time into walk time, improving the overall user experience.

  1. Eliminate Ghost Calls
  2. Improved DDE
  3. Integrates DDE and Access Control
  4. Multiple Credentials
  5. Deep Learning Neural Net Appearance Recognition


Person Reader Family

PR Family DDE Labeled March 2024 2.jpg


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