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BluSKY Solutions for Multi-Family Real Estate



BluSKY is the ultimate security platform designed specifically for multi-family real estate. With its user-friendly and unified web interface, BluSKY provides all major security functions for any size portfolio, building, or tenancy, while simultaneously reducing operating costs for every facility it serves. 

BluSKY addresses key security challenges faced by multi-family properties, including ease of use, flexibility, system unification, partitioning, viewing, control and administration from anywhere, database integration, audits and compliance, cybersecurity protection, destination dispatch elevators, false alarms, video on demand, frictionless visitor and vendor processing, intercom, and more. 

If you're looking for the best security solution for your multi-family property, look no further than BluSKY. Explore its features in more detail below and discover why BluSKY is the ideal choice for your security needs. 

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Access Control

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  1. Running in redundant Microsoft Azure data centers
  2. Best possible security infrastructure
  3. Redundant everything in each data center
  4. “Hot” redundant between data centers
  5. Automatic data backup – never lose data
  6. Automatic software upgrades with no downtime 
  7. Best possible cyber security protection
  8. Separate the people from the computers, data, and network
  9. Available to everyone that is supposed to have access
  10. Triple redundant Internet connection – fiber/hardwire, WIFI, cellular
  11. Local hardware continues to function regardless of internet connection

True Mobile Security – Control, Response and Management from Anywhere

  1. Real-time control, response, status, and management from everywhere
  2. 100% functionality – no limitations
  3. ADAWATAB – Any device, Anywhere, Any Time, Any Browser
  4. Device and operating system agnostic
  5. No software to load, manage or update
  6. No apps needed for your mobile device

BluREMOTE - Portal and Floor Access Using Your Smartphone

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  1. Ability to use your mobile device to unlock doors, turnstiles, relay elevators, and DDE and receive DDE assignments
  2. Also provides remote control capability for reception areas, gates, parking garages, and visitors 

Unified Platform with a Simple, Intuitive Interface

  1. AI, Access, Alarms, Intrusion, Video, Relay Elevator, DDE, Visitor, Vendor, Intercom, Biometric, Power
  2. A simple intuitive Web interface
  3. What everyone is used to
  4. No operator manual required
  5. Less expensive, more capable and fewer issues than with siloed “Frankenware” systems
  6. One Database, One UI, One Event Clock – easy to learn
  7. Can also integrate with other systems to leverage Deep Monitoring capabilities of BluSKY
  8. Fire, BMS, Elevator, IT, etc
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Non-Proprietary - Open Hardware and Software

Open_Hardware_Restful_API copy.png
  1. Future-proof and never locked in
  2. Mercury Hardware and Open API
  3. Open, industry standard security 
  4. Connects
  5. Off the shelf PCs and peripherals
  6. Flexibility to move away from BluBØX
  7. All customer data is freely accessible and exportable to excel at any time by the customer
  8. All hardware is reusable 
  9. Flexibility to change service providers

Integrated Lock Sets for Each Apartment

  1. Multiple brands to choose from
    1. Cylindrical or Mortise
    2. Vast style and finish options
  2. Multiple connectivity options
    1. BLE
    2. WiFi
    3. PoE

DIY Tenant Administration

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  1. Option for Tenants
  2. Invite guests
  3. Provide guests with a temporary credential

Multiple Options for Credentials

  1. Card
  2. Fob
  3. Mobile
  4. QR Code
  5. Biometric
  6. Virtual

Mix and match as needed
Deploy multiple technologies


Intercom from Anywhere with a Virtual Master Station

Intercoms 2023.jpg
  1. Virtual master station
  2. Call direct to the tenant's preferred device
  3. In-unit station device not required
  4. SIP-based communication
  5. Dial by name directory

Video Delivered Everywhere

  1. Notification with a link to the video
  2. Video verification of alarms
  3. Situational Awareness post alarm
  4. Live Video

DDE Access Control Integration


  1. Integrate with all 6 Leading DDE manufacturers
  2. Appliance-based, direct integration – no middleware
  3. Frictionless Access control and visitor management integration with all credentials
  4. Turnstile integration with floor assignment
  5. BluREMOTE integration – ability to gain access and get elevator assignment on your mobile device
  6. Top ranking DDE security integration provider by elevator consultants and DDE manufacturers
  7. Real-Time Diagnostic tool eliminates all vendor finger pointing
  8. Annual recertification with each DDE manufacturer
  9. DDE Reference List

Relay Elevator Control

  1. Retrofit your existing cabs
  2. Provide additional control
  3. Floor feedback option
  4. Multiple floor permissions

Frictionless Visitor Management 


  1. Easy, Fast, Secure Visitor Management
  2. Most digital and physical credential options that integrate into the access control system
  3. Digital credentials delivered right to the guest’s mobile device
  4. Integrated watchlist checks against Do Not Admit list in real time

AI-Based Deep Monitoring

  1. Continuously monitor hardware, software, and communications to ensure everything is working properly
  2. Notifies the proper people automatically if there is an issue and what the problem is
  3. Proactively looks for potential trouble spots

Person Reader Option - You are the Key

  1. All-In-One Intelligent Reader, Intercom, Camera, and Visitor Entry Device
  2. Multi-biometric, Multi-factor
  3. Uses face, card, Bluetooth, QR Codes, or Cloud Credential
  4. Proof of presence photo for every entry attempt

Power Management Ensures Everything has Power and Is Secured

  1. Intelligent Power Modules
  2. Control, diagnose, view from anywhere
  3. Power Monitoring, Notification, and Response
  4. AI, Rules, and Power Analytics
  5. Power Management Applications

Police, Fire, EMT Notification and System Control from Anywhere

  1. Real-time on-screen monitoring and control
  2. E-mail and text (SMS) notification and response
  3. Dial-out to the monitoring center
  4. Provide authorities the ability to use the system to better their ability to provide assistance

Easy Transition

  1. Conversion can be done over a weekend
  2. Maintain card compatibility
  3. We can read and reuse existing cards
  4. Case Study – 11 Times Square