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BluSKY Visitor Management

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Alarm and Intrusion Management

Visitor Processing from Anywhere

BluSKY’s visitor processing automates and streamlines the complex process of pre-authorizing and admitting guests to secure facilities, without sacrificing safety and security. Visitor processing provides centralized management and control of the diverse populations that commonly enter facilities as guests. It incorporates tools to notify staff of expected guests and alert them when visitors may be on a Watchlist. It provides professional, technology-enabled credentials, and creates a permanent record of each guest's visit to the premises.

Alarm and Intrusion Management

Key Benefits

  1. Processes visitor admissions quickly and efficiently
  2. Produces professional temporary credentials
  3. Improves guest experience with rapid, non-intrusive registration screening and support for special instructions from the host 
  4. Automatically notifies host upon guest check-in
  5. Displays host contact information for calling or guest verification
  6. Reduces lobby crowding by quickly and securely admitting large numbers of guests 
  7. Admits pre-screened guests through turnstiles, vehicle gates, elevators, checkpoints, and secure portals
  8. Supports quick search, barcode, QR code, or PIN for quick pre-authorized guest record retrieval
  9. Minimizes typing by scanning guest credentials
  10. Eliminates sign-in sheets via electronic guest check-in
  11. Acts as a force multiplier by freeing administration staff for other customer service tasks
  12. Speeds security response through automatic alerts on attempts to register an individual on a Watchlist
  13. Supports current and future authentication methods including paper badges, electronic card credentials, and the “no credential needed” biometric Person Reader
  14. Reduces staffing costs through self-check-in kiosks
  15. Strengthens vendor management through Certificate of Insurance tracking and vehicle license capture

Key Features

  1. Provides a web-accessible means for hosts to pre-register visitors, groups, and recurring visitors
  2. Automates assignment and authorization of access rights by visitor type
  3. Includes option to capture photographs for visitor access badges
  4. Prints barcodes for turnstile access with instantaneous enrollment
  5. Integrates with BluSKY’s automated Watchlist
  6. Creates temporary credentials for facility badge holders
  7. Includes built-in BluSKY rules management
  8. Supports visitor self-check-in options
  9. Supports black & white and color badge printers
  10. Provides daily guest list for reception/security staff 
  11. Creates comprehensive reports on guest enrollment and admissions history
  12. Supports pre-printing of guests badges for large visitor groups
  13. Sets up multiple-day visits with one request 
  14. Prints using different badge templates based upon visitor type
  15. Supports adding unannounced guests on the fly
  16. Supports importing spreadsheet data on large groups of guests

Open IP Visitor Processing Hardware

Open IP hardware allows the use of any mobile device or computer for visitor pre-authorization, and the use of any mobile device, computer, badge printer, web, smartphone, or tablet camera to admit visitors.  All that is required is a standard browser and an internet connection - wired, wireless, or cellular.  In addition, the BluBØX Person Reader can be used to admit visitors biometrically: in this case, no credential is required – THE VISITOR is the credential.


Simplified System Deployment. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

System Deployment.png

Minimal configuration and virtually no software installation is required. Users are easily imported and visitors are processed via the access control database. Pre-designed or customized badge templates can be selected for any type of visitor. User Roles define which personnel can pre-authorize visitors, and which personnel can admit them. perform visitor pre-authorization.

Visitor Requests

Visitors can be pre-authorized from anywhere, at any time using any device. Create single, multiple, or large group visitor admission requests or create them on behalf of others. Set up recurring visitor admission requests. Select visitors from frequent visitor lists. Import large visitor groups from a spreadsheet. Send visitors a PIN or credential ahead of their visit and schedule multiple-day visits using only one request. Automatically check visitor requests against the Watchlists, including Predator and 3rd-party lists. Assign specifically tailored access rights for your visitors by selecting the appropriate access template.


 Visitor Processing


Admitting visitors in BluSKY can be as quick as 15 seconds. Use quick search for preauthorized visitor retrieval. Scan visitor credentials and minimize typing. Admit groups of guests using special group functionality. Use mobile devices or webcams to capture visitor photos, license plates, vehicles, or other assets. Add ad-hoc visitors on the fly. Quickly find host information for calling, verification, or obtaining special instructions. The system automatically checks visitor requests against Watchlist. Print specific badge templates based on the visitor type. Automatically email host upon guest arrival. Replace sign-in sheets with electronic visitor registration. Use the visitor check-out feature for tighter security.

Watchlist, Predator and Third-party Database Integration

Automatically vet every visitor and vendor against a Watchlist in the background. Quickly specify Watchlists by occupancy and/or facility. Import photos and other key information. Convert automatically the records of persons whose employment has been terminated into Watchlist records. Specify distribution lists for notifications of Watchlist matches, and enable silent notifications for discreet protection. Additionally integrates with Predator and third-party databases.

ipad_double_visitor-watchlist-550x450 copy.png

Access Control Integration. One and done.


Because Visitor Processing is fully-integrated in BluSKY, you can issue visitors proximity or barcode access badges with specific access rights, and they are instantaneously-updated in the Access Control system.

Person Reader for Visitor Admissions. No Credentials required.

Visitor admissions can also be accomplished with BluBØX’s Person Reader to eliminate the need for physical credentials. With the Person Reader, THE VISITOR is the credential. No biometric pre-enrollment is required; this is germ-free biometrics, fast, easy, and more secure than cards.

Person Reader XXL-Mini Family.jpg

 Vendor Management - Don't leave the back door open


With Vendor Management, you can register vendor companies and their services in the BluSKY databases.  You can enter full vendor contact information, and indicate that a Vendor is approved to do work at the property.  You can trust appropriate access rights to an administrator in each vendor company, and have that administrator manage access rights for the company's personnel.

Self-Check-in Kiosks. High-efficiency processing.

Reduce administration staffing requirements by using automatic self-registration visitor kiosks, with optional biometric enrollment support. Create a “fast-lane” for repeat visitor check-ins using visitor kiosks.

PR LT Front view.png

Visitor/Vendor Access Reporting and Analytics

device-set_access-control-reporting-550x450-1 copy.png

Gain insight into facility visitor activity through BluSKY’s powerful reporting and visitor analytics. Obtain visitor counts by the time of day and portal. Report on large groups. Report on periods of peak visitor traffic. Provide reception/security staff with daily guest lists. Generate analytics reports on visitor counts, peak visitor intervals, an unusual number of visitors, and even visitor processing statistics.

System Diagram




Description MSRP Unit Price
Hardware will vary based on Visitor/Vendor Management Requirements Variance
Credentials will vary based on type - MiFARE, Paper, Barcode/QR Code, or Cloud Credential Variance


BluBØX Part # Item Description Unit Measure MSRP Unit Price
*800-5780 Prof. Serv. - BluPASS Integration Professional Service - BluPASS Integration per hour  

Annual Licenses

BluBØX Part # Item Description Unit Measure MSRP Unit Price
817-0820 Visitor & Vendor Processing Pre-registration and admission of visitors or vendor personnel. Drivers' License Scanning, Badge Creation, Issuance, and Printing, Photo-ID, and Watchlist Verification.  Per expected Visitor $0.1 - $0.3
*817-0880 BluPASS Temporary digital credentials for visitors. Valid for only one (1) visit. Cannot be re-issued. Per arrived visitor/vendor given a BluPASS credential $.25