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BluSKY™ Overview

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The All-in-One AI Cloud-Based IoT and Security Platform

The most effective system available. The only platform you need.


BluSKY Protects Your Enterprise – Regardless of Scale or Requirements 

  • View and manage all your facilities from a single interface utilizing the BluBØX Cloud hosted by Microsoft
  • Stay connected to your security system at all times - no matter where you are - no matter what device you have 
  • Remotely control and manage your sites on any device with just a browser - no software or mobile apps needed 
  • Use BluSKY AI to see risks before they find you – automatically react to keep your people and assets safe 24/7 
  • Stay informed of alarms and critical events through programmable notifications delivered via email and text 
  • Monitor live video streams from security cameras - review video clips linked to important events 
  • Replace unpredictable capital expenses with a predictable operating expense and automatic product upgrades 

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Reduce the Complexity of Security

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  • Eliminate local servers and software by shifting operational workload to the BluBØX Cloud 

  • Reduce business risk with our high-availability services delivered from secure, redundant Microsoft data centers 

  • Reduce labor costs and provide improved security and convenience with our DIY architecture and features 

  • Minimize cost and infrastructure with integrated wireless/POE locks and readers 

  • Provide better and faster support and 50% fewer truck rolls with comprehensive remote diagnostics 

  • Modify services and scale on demand to match your organization and security threats as they change 

  • Replace unpredictable capital expenses with a predictable operating expense and automatic product upgrades 

Benefit from a Platform that Delivers the Features You Want

The combination of these nine key technologies, along with BluBØX's unique architecture, create the products effectiveness and huge differentiation in the marketplace. 



  • Hosted and unified access control, alarms, video, and visitors 

  • Secure, high-availability, redundant Microsoft data centers 

  • Open, non-proprietary hardware and software 

  • Real-time control, status, and response from anywhere 

  • Analytics and Rules-based AI

  • Unlimited site, device and door capacity

  • Unlimited credentials and administrators 

  • Distribution lists and email and text notifications 

  • Automatic software updates 

  • Customizable reporting engine 

  • IT-compliant hardware and communications 

  • Best in class, industry-standard security devices


  • Lower initial and on-going costs

  • More effective security 

  • Improved situational awareness 

  • More protected data 

  • Increased flexibility, reliability and resiliency 

  • Equally secure and convenient 

  • Faster system deployment 

  • Enhanced policy compliance 

  • Freedom of Choice™ future-proof investment 

  • Better, faster, less expensive support 

  • Respond anytime using any device

Better, faster, less expensive support

Go Mobile with True Mobile Security

Manage your security on-the-go, Out-of-the-BØX. BluBØX True Mobile Security seamlessly extends your access, alarm, video and visitor platform to any mobile device. It provides all the same functions - real-time door control, credential management, alarms, and intrusion detection, live and recorded video and visitor and vendor processing - using the same intuitive interface. No mobile apps to install or manage. Nothing new to learn. Simply, Security for the Way We Live.™

Use BluBØX True Mobile Security™:
  • Take your security system with you no matter where you go 

  • Quickly review and respond to any security event  

  • View live video 

  • Review events with recorded video 

  • Monitor activity across multiple sites simultaneously 

  • Unlock doors remotely 

  • Suspend or reinstate user credentials 

  • Take Photo-IDs pictures with a smartphone or tablet  

  • Remotely verify and admit users and visitors 


Easily Migrate Your System to BluSKY 

Upgrade to BluSKY® for roughly the same cost as an annual maintenance contract and software support agreement. The BluSKY Cloud makes the transition fast and easy with a cost that is 25% - 75% less expensive than rip-and-replace because the majority of the equipment is reused or replaced with a Cloud service. No matter what legacy system is installed, BluBØX has a migration path to get you up and running and enjoying the benefits of BluSKY. Breathe new life and capabilities into your dated system by bringing it to the BluSKY Cloud. Check out the options below: 

  • Mercury OEM Partner Migration

  • OneFacility-Mercury Migration

  • OneFacility-AMAG Migration

  • Honeywell Migration

  • SoftwareHouse C-Cure Migration

  • CASI Picture Perfect Migration 

  • Proprietary System Migration 

Experience Security Designed for Convenience

Security and Convenience full.png

Unlimited Capabilities 

Systems, facilities, and workstations  Unlimited 
Active cardholders  Unlimited 
Simultaneous users  Unlimited 
User-defined fields  Unlimited 
Software and firmware upgrades  Automated, ≈12/year 
Artificial Intelligence and analytics Unlimited
Notifications and distribution lists  Unlimited 
Stored access events  Unlimited 
Readers  Unlimited 
Alarms and intrusion zones  Unlimited 
Video cameras and recording  Unlimited 
Relay elevator control  Unlimited 
Destination Dispatch elevator integration  All 6 major manufacturers 
Visitors and vendors  Unlimited 
Lockdown  By system, facility, portals  
Badge design and printing  Unlimited 
Anti-passback and ADA  Yes, standard configuration options 
3rd Party Video integration  Yes 
3rd party Alarm integration Unlimited



Technology Partners, Integrations and Compatible Hardware 

BluBØX supports most industry-standard hardware and BluSKY can connect to everything through its open RESTful API. Please visit Technology Partners, Integrations and Compatible Hardware for a complete list of supported products and integration by category. Some of the most popular integrations and technology partners are listed below:

* under development 

Browser, O/S, Device Requirements 

BluSKY does not use installed software - only a web browser or optional mobile app. BluSKY supports the current version and two previous versions of all major browsers and works with all O/Ss and devices that support a standard browser. 

Communication and Data Security 

Authentication and Encryption  X.509 Certificates 
Communication  SHA-256-bit TLS 1.2

Network Requirements 

TCP/IP protocols: HTTPS (port 443) 


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