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BluBØX provides hardware and software for complete end-to-end and integrated out-of-the-box security solution for any size customer in any vertical.  

At its core, BluBØX products provide Access Control, Alarm/Intrusion, Visitor/Vendor Management, Video, Relay Elevator, and Destination Dispatch Elevators, Biometrics, Intercom, Power Management, and System Health.

BluCHIP Hardware is non-proprietary and open; installed and supported by any qualified reseller. All systems are plug and play and IP-based. The hardware components include HID's Mercury Controllers and LifeSafety Power enclosures (available individually or as kits). It also includes a line of Person Readers, Destination Dispatch Processors, Cameras, Video, and video Analytics Processors. It supports third-party devices such as card and biometric readers, wireless locks, cameras, and alarms. All BluChip Hardware is designed to be monitored 24/7 by the BluSKY Health System. BluCHIP Hardware can either be purchased one-time upfront or overtime as-a-service.

Get an overview of what BluBØX has to offer in this Products Video, Products Presentation or click on links below: