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Video Management System Integration


BluSKY™ Video brings any local video system to the Cloud and allows users to see their video from anywhere, on any device just using a browser. BluSKY Video displays live or recorded video, video events, or video associated with analytics, access, alarm, intrusion, visitor, vendor, intercom, or operator events. Current VMS integrations include Avigilon, Exacq, Milestone, and Salient. BluSKY also unifies your video across Access, Alarms, Intrusion, Visitor, Vendor, Intercom, and Biometric applications to create a security platform that addresses all core security functions in one system. BluSKY provides the best of both worlds with the combination of on-premise recording and Cloud redundancy, accessibility, and unification. Video that was once limited to the local NVR and workstations can now be shared with an unlimited number of users simultaneously.

BluSKY Video can run within the local video interface or on any device with a browser and internet connection. Whether you are on-site or on the go you can be notified and respond instantly with all the information you need being delivered right to your fingertips. Add AI through BluSKY Analytics and BluSKY Intelligence to create a smart system that proactively monitors and automatically adjusts system configuration and notifies the proper people when a security risk emerges.

BluSKY Video also makes installing and supporting any video system much easier because all cameras are configured in the Cloud. Every camera, from every system deployed, can be seen from anywhere on any device. Combine this with BluSKY Video Diagnostics and BluSKY VPN, and you can remotely support all systems without having to roll a truck.

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Key Benefits and Features

  1. Unified Security Platform
  2. Hybrid Architecture - Cloud + Onsite HW
  3. Multi-site and Multi-NVR Capabilities
  4. Browser-based - No Software to Install
  5. Less infrastructure cost - no dedicated networks or connectivity required
  6. Low subscription cost
  1. Mobility, Alerts, Verification, and Response
  2. Interactive Maps and Dashboards
  3. SOC Capabilities 
  4. First Responder Access
  5. Global Collaboration
  6. Situational Awareness


VMS Integration

VMS Integration_2.jpg

BluSKY Video integrates with many top Video Management Systems to provide the best hybrid Cloud and local video platform. BluSKY video capabilities are the same across all NVRs can also bring together disparate video recorders across many locations even if they are different manufacturers. Current integrations include the following video management systems:

  • Avigilon
  • Exacq
  • Milestone
  • Salient

We strive to add new VMS integrations, if you do not see your preferred VMS on the list please contact us at

Live and Recorded Video from Anywhere

BluSKY lets you stream live and recorded video from any device, anywhere, anytime using just your browser. This means you can respond to incidents immediately no matter where you are or what device you have, and groups of people can look at the same incident from anywhere and collaborate using real-time and historical data. BluSKY video provides a deeper understanding of the operation and security of any facility. The simplicity of the interface and ease of access to information provides more eyes on a facility and extends the benefit of video to beyond just security and provides a larger return on investment.


Video Wall

Video Wall.jpg
  • See live, recorded, and event video on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Customize, save and share video layouts
  • Include video in any system event; door forced, door held, analytics, operator activity, etc.
  • Configure, manage and support all cameras and NVRs remotely
  • Get 24/7 NVR and camera System Health monitoring

Video on Dashboard

  • A “Single Pane of Glass” to Administer, Control, and Monitor your security from Everywhere
  • Works on Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and Security Walls
  • All BluSKY Modules are available as “Dashlets”
  • Each Dashlet can expand to full screen and collapse back to the Dashboard view
  • External feeds such as news, weather, and incidents can be added as Dashlets
  • Dashboards can include content from different systems
  • Dashboards can be customized, saved, and shared across people, buildings, and the enterprise
BluSKY Dashboard 1.jpg

True VSaaS Mobile Security


  • 100% functionality on any device, anywhere, anytime
  • Real-time administration, control & monitoring
  • View video from anywhere
  • Take video on a security tour
  • Facility lockdown from anywhere with one touch
  • Alarm response w/ video integration
  • Video Intercom with integrated door release
  • Push notifications and video intercom with BluSKY Mobile App

Video Events

BluSKY automatically associates video with the most common security events, alarms, video motion, and video analytics events. In conjunction with BluSKY Intelligence, video can be associated with any event in the system. This provides a very quick way to investigate an incident since all the information about the incident has already been gathered within the event.

  • Only video events are uploaded to BluSKY, NOT All video
  • BluSKY tries to automatically identify the 1% of video that is important using analytics, rules, other security events, and operator activity
  • Standard TTL is 90 days – can be configured/augmented by site or customer
  • Include associated video with any event
  • Save events that are never to be deleted
  • Bookmark and tag events
  • Meta View – a mini-investigation that aggregates all info known about an event
  • Search for tagged events

Video Events.png

Interactive Maps - Unified Control & Monitoring

Interactive Maps_Video_Lobby.jpg
  • Real-time control and monitoring on a map-based UI
  • Unified Access, Alarms, Intrusion, Video, Elevators, Control Points, and Intercom
  • Video call up for any associated door or alarm
  • Unlimited maps and location points
  • Interactive Maps can extend across multiple systems and facilities in the same UI
  • Includes audio and visual alarm notification
  • Control Points can perform multi-step functions like lockdown and mass notification
  • Works on any mobile device

Video on Alarm

BluSKY can pop up video in a window when there is an alarm with the associated video. Video alarm popup works on the real-time Events and Alarms screens. Both associated event video and live video is available for any alarm making it easy to see what triggers the alarm along with the current situation.  


Video Notifications

Video_Notifications 10.jpg
  • Develop custom notifications that are sent to distribution groups based on alarm, time of day, and priority
  • Receive alarm notifications on your mobile device as email, text, or push notifications
  • Receive alarm information and video clips
  • Respond immediately from anywhere
  • Control any part of the system
  • Get additional information to make the most informed decisions rapidly
  • Collaborate on any alarm situation – “one version of the truth” instantly for everyone involved no matter where they are

Command Center Capabilities

  • 3-Way simultaneous monitoring – Individual Users, SOC, and Central Station
  • No dedicated networks or connectivity required
  • Collaborate on incidents from anywhere
  • Multi-site control, monitoring, and administration
  • Multi-site video surveillance – same or different NVR manufacturers – doesn’t matter
  • Unlimited simultaneous users and windows
  • Real-time events and alarms with instructions and response
  • Interactive Maps and Dashboards
  • “Single version of the truth” global collaboration and situational awareness
  • First responder access
  • Microsoft Power BI Analytics – Coming Soon

Police, Fire, First Responder Video


  • Real-time on-screen monitoring and control
  • Email and text (SMS) notification and response
  • Dial-out to a monitoring center
  • Provide authorities the ability to use the system to better their ability to provide assistance

Remote Diagnostics and System Health Monitoring

  • Certified Integrator training
  • Online training in BluINFO
  • Content-specific page-level help in BluSKY
  • Double layer of support – Integrator and BluB0X
  • BluB0X Professional Services to cover everything from system conversions to support
  • BluSKY Built-In diagnostics
  • System Health monitoring for everything

 yield-sign.png Every BluB0X installation can be supported remotely by the Customer, by the chosen certified BluB0X Integrator, or by BluB0X. On average 80% of all service calls are handled in 2 hrs. or less and 95% of are handled the same day. This is 4X better than the industry average!


Architecture - How it Works

  • Customer sites are configured in BluSKY – NVRs, cameras, people, permissions, etc.
  • NVRs are installed onsite and connected to the network and Internet – BluSKY Video also installed on NVR
  • NVRs call out to BluSKY and establish persistent bi-directional communication
  • No open inbound ports, VPNs, or applications, and everything works on-network and off-network
  • If on-network, the video is locally streamed. If off-network, video is streamed to the Cloud and then to the user's device
  • The user interface is through any web browser from anywhere – also have a BluSKY mobile app but it is not required
  • All events are instantly sent to BluSKY, processed, and sent out to anyone that is “listening”
  • All administration and control requests are sent to BluSKY and then sent down to the respective NVRs to be processed and executed
  • Everything happens in real-time (< 1 sec) no matter where you are

System Diagram


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Cameras, Camera Licenses, and NVRs are subject to requirements

One Time/Professional Services

Part# Item Description Unit Measure MSRP Unit Price
817-1450 NVR Integration  NVR Integration  Per camera $77.00
800-5790 Prof. Serv. - VPN Prof. Serv. - VPN  Flat fee $412.00
800-5760 Prof. Serv. - Video Integration Prof. Serv. - Video Integration  Per hr.  

BluSKY Licenses

Part# Item Description Unit Measure MSRP Unit Price
817-0680 Camera - Cloud Includes cloud camera licenses to view live and recorded video from anywhere and to store and distribute video events  Per Camera $90 - $140