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BluSKY™ VPN and Network Monitoring

Download the pdf here.   

The VPN / Remote Management Gateway is a BluSKY Subscription License that provides a secure, easy and cost effective way to remotely manage and monitor security devices on a network. It provides a method of connecting to network devices using a browser without having to open up firewalls or run dedicated software. With one click you are managing your security devices – regardless of the network they are connected to. It is the most secure way to provide remote management of devices that sit behind a customer’s firewall.

A higher level VPN / Network / Remote Management Gateway BluSKY Subscription License is also available for monitoring the network itself to help isolate network related issues especially detrimental to IP camera and NVR installations.

The VPN / Remote Management Gateway is required for solutions that include BluB0X Video Management Integration, Destination Dispatch Elevators or Person Readers.

The VPN / Remote Management Gateway is recommended for solutions that include local servers, PCs and other network devices that require software upgrades and remote maintenance. 

BluSKY Local Servers and Software
Sometimes You Need Something Local. In this presentation we discuss the software and local servers that may be necessary to build a fully functional BluSKY system.
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