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Locally Installed Software and Function

Locally Installed Software


*Local Server Manager

  • Performs Local Application and Server Initial Downloads and Updates
  • Provides System Health

Local Sync

  • Downloads Data and Database Structure from BluSKY
  • Uploads Locally Created Data and Events to BluSKY

LSP Power Management

Destination Dispatch Elevator (x6)

Milestone Video Integration

Person Reader

Video Analytics

  • Functional Applications & Databases


All locally installed software is installed as a service.

*Only the Local Server Manager Service needs to be installed on the Local Server. It automatically calls up to BluSKY, determines what additional software is needed, pulls it down from BluSKY and installs it. The only exception is 3rd Party software applications like Milestone XProtect.

Software services can be installed and run on any windows based computer on the network as long as it can see all devices it needs to communicate including BluSKY