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BluSKY Alarm Management and Intrusion Detection

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Alarm and Intrusion Management

Know You're Secure

BluSKY’s Alarm Management consolidates alarm response and management for a single facility or across an entire enterprise. Seamlessly integrating with leading third-party alarm panels and other hardware, Alarm Management employs an efficient, easy-to-use interface to ensure fast, consistent alarm response and reporting. Security staff can view a comprehensive data dashboard and perform all functions regardless of their location; user-defined rules allow for automatic notification of key personnel and other actions. In addition, Alarm Management stores all audit and response information within the BluSKY database, providing powerful facilities for business intelligence and trend analysis.  

Alarm and Intrusion Management

Key Benefits

  1. Ensures consistent, effective alarm response and reporting
  2. Integrates with existing alarm hardware, protecting current investment
  3. Configures and manages alarms from any device with an internet connection, regardless of physical location
  4. Reduces training costs through an easy-to-use interface
  5. Reduces support costs through easy configuration to meet business needs
  6. Improves response times and resource allocation through alarm scheduling 
  7. Ensures the most up-to-date software version through automatic updating
  8. Maximizes data security, redundancy, and continuity of operations through cloud computing 

Key Features

  1. Centralizes alarm response and management for single or multiple facilities on a single platform
  2. Includes an alarm status dashboard
  3. Provides an alarm status dashboard
  4. Provides an intuitive interface for alarm activation and configuration
  5. Includes universal alarm response definitions
  6. Integrates with leading hardware providers
  7. Includes the option for on and off-site alarm routing
  8. Provides a simple, easy-to-use interface accessible from any device, anytime, anywhere
  9. Utilizes a cloud computing structure
  10. Global alarm management
  11. Health and status dashboard
  12. Facility database integration
  13. Cad integration

Open IP Alarm Hardware

Users know they are secure with open IP alarm management and intrusion detection using the Mercury open hardware featuring virtual keypad control from anywhere. Real-time alarm event notification is sent to a central station, email or text, providing a complete plug-and-play IP alarm system. Hardware is available in kits, panels, or single boards. Alarm inputs and outputs are in increments of 16 to up to 1,024 per chain. Alarm keypads by Mercury are available for arming and disarming areas physically. Alternatively, with the dialer integration, users can choose to have a monitoring center control their alarm system.


Web-based Control and Monitoring of Alarms from Anywhere

Web-based Control Monitoring of Alarms from Anywhere.png

BluSKY Alarm Management incorporates an easy-to-use interface that enables users to efficiently manage and respond to alarms and events. Standard alarm administration allows users to notify, acknowledge, silence, reset, arm, disarm, and shunt alarms. Even more effective control and streamlined procedures are achieved with predefined and user-defined operations such as predefined and text field operator responses, user-defined alarm instructions, access egress paths or user-defined define areas. Additionally, alarm annunciation, color-coded and graphical alarm states, and programmable trigger responses to any alarm. 

Multiple Alarm Types

  • BluCHIP hardware-based alarms
  • BluSKY software-based alarms
  • Third-party originated alarms

Multiple Alarm Notification Methods. Never Miss an Alarm Again

Multiple Alarm Notification.png

Users can monitor their alarm system with multiple alarm notifications methods. Notifications can be delivered via email or SMS text for a quick response, or the on-screen interface monitors and controls in real-time. Alternatively, with the dialer integration, any alarm can dial-out to a monitoring center. 

Flexible Alarm Point and Group Control

Define alarm points into alarm groups for easy management and control of alarms.  

Flexible Alarm Point.png

Alarm Distribution Lists and Schedules

Alarm Distribution Lists.png
  • Schedule alarms by the time of day, type of alarm and alarm point location.
  • Schedule alarm notification to include distribution groups
  • Establish alarm distribution groups

Unified Access, Video and Visitor Applications. Everywhere.

With BluSKY’s architecture and unified approach, your security system can have access control, alarm management, video management, and biometrics under a single platform with one database, one user experience, and all web-based. Every alarm event provides an automatic association of access, alarm, video, and visitor data. Additional robust features include integrated real-time control, monitoring, and response for all system activity with a graphical map and location interface. 

Unified Alarm,Video Visitor Biometrics.png

Alarm Reporting and Analytics

Alarm Reporting and Analytics.png


There are 7 pre-defined alarm reports with PDF and Excel export capabilities. Reports provide many graphs and charts with key alarm analytics for easily digestible data. Alarm reports can be generated by the time of day, location, repeat alarms, alarm counts, alarm pattern analytics, and so much more.

Mobile Alarm Keypad. Your Smartphone is Your Keypad.

  • Full keypad functionality on your smartphone
  • Arm and disarm from outside the premises

System Diagram



Ordering Information:

BluBØX Part # Description
Variance Mercury Input Panel

Annual Licenses:

BluBØX Part # Item Description Unit Measure MSRP Unit Price
817-0100 Platform Cross-system access to multi-site/multi-tenant database infrastructure including photos, badging, photo-ID, and BluREMOTE access Per # of people in database $1 - $6
817-0600 Alarm & Intrusion Functionality associated with any input defined in the system - such as door contacts, requests to exit, motion detectors, or 3rd part system inputs Per Input $6 - $30
817-1120 Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analytics, Rules, VPN, Deep Monitoring, Power Management, Reporting, System Health, Notifications, and Distribution

% of Licenses variable