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BluSKY Access Control

Click to view: BluSKY Access Control Datasheet 2023.pdf

Access Control

Simplified Security. Powerful Capabilities.

BluSKY’s Access Control simplifies, speeds and strengthens access management through a variety of unique features. Administrators easily configure access for facility personnel, vendors and other visitors across any number of sites and buildings. Access can be managed by an individual or group. A video, photos, and user data can be associated with access events and alarms in real-time for live access monitoring or for historical record review. Manage it all from the single cloud-based BluSKY software platform.

Multi-tenant building managers save time and eliminate errors by granting tenants DIY access management privileges to common areas for the tenant’s personnel. Multi-tenant building occupants with their own independent BluBØX systems can use the BluSKY platform to seamlessly manage access for their own internal areas as well as building common areas. BluSKY provides a fully unified system with one database and one web-based user interface to provide the same user experience to all users per their system role authorizations and responsibilities. 

Access Control

Key Benefits

  1. Simplifies access management for personnel, vendors, and visitors at any facility and from any location
  2. Saves time through the creation of access rights for an entire user group in a single operation
  3. Strengthens least-privilege security management through access rights customized on a per-user basis
  4. Fine-tunes access control through day-of-week and time-of-day functions, plus calendar period limits
  5. Performs real-time risk response by restricting cardholder access per internal or 3rd party Watchlist
  6. Quickly answers access management questions through 15 pre-defined reports 
  7. Locates key personnel and visitors quickly, or creates a personnel muster list, via the Who’s In Report 
  8. Saves time, eliminates delays and errors, through DIY access management privileges for building occupants
  9. Improves business continuity through off-site redundant data storage and BluSKY high availability
  10. Saves time with instant access to help and the BluSKY knowledge base from anywhere in the application

Key Features

  1. Provides a centralized web-based interface for access control that is accessible from anywhere
  2. Supports proximity cards, smart cards, biometric readers, and other security technologies
  3. Cross-system, multi-site, partitioned architecture enables multi-building occupants to manage access using a single unified web-based interface
  4. Supports creating multiple access groups and authorizations in a single step
  5. Simple data import & export
  6. Extensive reporting and analysis tools
  7. Simple or complex “if this then that” rules trigger notifications and other system actions
  8. Remote diagnostics; health and status monitoring
  9. VPN-based access to site access control system infrastructure
  10. Multi-layer security and data protection
  11. No on-site software updates are needed; the cloud-based BluSKY software platform is updated automatically on a regular basis

Open IP Access Control Hardware

The BluCHIP open hardware platform is your future-proof choice for an open, industry standard, IP based security solution. The plug and play access control hardware is available as single boards, wireless and POE integrated reader locks and kits with 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16 portal configurations. Optional hardware for integrated access control and lock power is available. Direct to Cloud™ architecture is available for installations at the “edge” with Assa Abloy, Allegion, Salto, SimmonsVoss and others.

BluSKY’s Access Control solutions provide management for doors, turnstiles, and traditional elevators and destination dispatch in all solutions and verticals. If you already have one of the 20+ Mercury based brands and want advanced capabilities of BluBØX, simply upgrade to BluSKY without replacing your hardware. Perform a simple upgrade from Casi or Software House hardware to open Mercury brand hardware using Mercury’s matching form factor kits, which provide a fast “screwdriver-less” change over. Add compatibility with Axis Controllers and HID Vertex Controllers.


Web-based Control and Monitoring of Portals and Elevators from Anywhere

Web-based Control and Monitoring.png

Real-time control and status let you monitor and manually control single or grouped portals in one facility or across many facilities. Control actions include lock, unlock, momentary release, timed release, remove from or return to the schedule, plus the simulated credential presentation commands for verifying that access has been set up correctly, and for troubleshooting reported access issues. 

For each access attempt, the Photo Verification feature will automatically capture images from any camera-monitored portal. Both traditional relay-based elevator control and integration with modern elevator destination dispatch systems are available. All of this can be set up, and manually controlled, from any device, anytime, anywhere.

You can easily set up visual monitoring of access attempts for specific portals so that displays of camera images and credential holder information are shown in real time. Additionally, you can set up notification rules for access events. For example, when the last person leaves an area, intrusion motion detection can be activated and can be deactivated when an authorized person is granted access to the area.

Flexible System Creation Tools 

BluSKY setup for Access Control provides step-by-step system creation that includes the use of templates, data import/export via Excel spreadsheets, and copying from an existing system’s configuration as a starting point, to shorten setup time and help standardize deployments.

Flexible System Creation Tools.png

Dashboard-style Configuration

Dashboard-style Configuration.png

BluSKY provides “At-a-Glance” view of important parameters. With single-click access to configuration controls, configure access from any user mobile device, anywhere, and anytime. Commission or troubleshoot at the access security point using a smartphone or tablet.

Predefined Schedules and Holidays

Most commonly-used schedules and holidays are predefined. Flexible schedule definitions make it easy to set up custom schedules. Schedules have multiple time intervals with up to one-minute granularity. Select an access schedule for each holiday or globally apply one schedule. Traditional holiday dates are automatically reloaded each year.

Predefined Schedules and Holidays.png

Simplified Credential Management



BluSKY provides four methods to enroll a variety of credential types: manual data entry, electronic card registration, card data import, and integration with 3rd party access systems via BluSKY’s open, RESTful API. Preloaded internal, external and card serial numbers to simplify the enrollment process. Easily add and remove credential attributes. Use the custom badge design tool to predefine badge templates and assign them to individual credential holders or groups. List all cards for review or select cards a subset of cards using a combination of criteria.

Unified Alarm, Video, Visitor and Biometrics


With BluSKY’s architecture and unified approach, your security system can have access control, alarm management, video management, and biometrics under a single platform with one database, one user experience, and all web-based. You can easily establish an automatic association of alarm, video, and visitor data with every access event. Use the comprehensive Rules capabilities to establish automatic notifications and system actions for real-time control, monitoring, and response for all system activity. 

Unified Alarm,Video Visitor Biometrics.png

Biometric Person Reader Management


Biometric readers provide a more secure, convenient and versatile solution than card readers and cards.  With the Person Reader, YOU are the credential. There is no double-system dual data entry, as the biometric reader is part of the BluB0X access control system, not a separate system. A user can have multiple credentials such as face, voice, card, and PIN—enabling two-factor authentication with alternatives, in case of a lost card or temporary loss of voice. There is no formal enrollment procedure.  With dual-factor authentication, the Person Reader learns what you look like by your first arrival, and tracks how you change over time. Additionally, it can snap a picture of each person being granted or denied entry.   

Multi-tenant and Multi-facility Administration

Manage all systems in all facilities from a single interface on any device, anywhere, anytime. Tenants in a multi-tenant facility can manage their own company’s personnel databases, take pictures, issue credentials and run reports. One personnel database can be used to manage both tenant security and their access to base building security controlled common areas. Eliminate the security vulnerability of multi-system double data entry even if the tenants have independent BluB0X systems for internal access control. This is the most efficient and secure way to manage multi-tenant and multi-facility physical security.

Multi-tenant Multi-facility Administration.png

Access Control Reporting and Analytics

Access Control Reporting and Analytics.png

There are 15 pre-defined access control reports with PDF and Excel export capabilities. Reports provide many graphs and charts with key access analytics for quick and easy review of access patterns and anomalies. Customizable access event dashboards and dashlets provide practical multi-facility overviews. Automated reporting that users can subscribe to enables access management stakeholders to be kept updated regarding access activity and trends.

System Diagram




BluBØX Part # Description
View > Edge Kits- The LP1501 Edge Kits provides the best solution for smaller or distributed systems. The ability to communicate over ethernet and to be powered by Power Over Ethernet(PoE) allows the installer to quickly deploy a system using the existing networking infrastructure.  With all of the convenience of an Edge System you still are able to support 17 Readers, 130 Inputs and 130 Outputs, depending on the SIO Boards you select.
View > LP1501 Kits- BluBØX kits that use the Mercury LP1501 are intended for smaller systems.  The LP1501 is capable of handling up to 17 Readers, 130 Inputs and 130 Outputs, depending on which SIO Boards are selected. The Controller is also capable of handling up to 250,000 users and can have up to 8 card types.
View > LP1502 Kits- The LP1502 is capable of handling up to 64 Readers, 520 Inputs and 516 Outputs, depending on which SIO Boards are selected. The Controller is also capable of handling up to 250,000 users and can have up to 8 card types.
View > LP2500 Kits
View > LP4502 Kits
View > Expansion Kits- Used to expand LP1501 and LP1502 Systems. Expandable kits are available for 2, 4, 8 reader expansion.

Annual Licenses

BluBØX Part # Item Description Unit Measure MSRP Unit Price
817-0100 Platform Cross-System Access to Multi-Site/Multi-tenant Database Infrastructure including Photos, Badging, Photo-ID, and BluREMOTE Access  Per # of People in Database $1 - $6
817-0320 Reader Access Control functionality associated with a reader Per Reader $60 - $150
817-0330 Reader - Residential Access Control functionality associated with a residential reader Per Reader $36 - $60
817-1120 Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) Analytics, Rules, VPN, Deep Monitoring, Power Management, Reporting, System Health, Notifications, and Distribution % of Licenses variable