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Floor Matrix



Floor Matrix
The Floor Matrix is used to determine which Floors are served by which Destination Keypads and when the Floor can be accessed via the Destination Keypad.

 Information:  The VPN / Remote Management Gateway and Power Management is required for solutions that include BluBØX Video Management Integration, Destination Dispatch Elevators or Person Readers. For more details please refer to the BluSKY Local Servers and Software and System Health and Monitoring presentations for more details.

Floor Matrix List Definitions

Name Description
Keypad This is the Destination Keypad that is being controlled by the Floor Matrix.
Floor Stop This is the Floor Stop is the logical access point that is being controlled by the Floor Matrix. Think of it as a Portal for the Elevator system.
System Name of the access control system.
Facility Where all facilites can be viewed and edited.
Elevator Bank The Elevator Bank is used to group individual elevators into easier to manage groups of elevators.
Schedule This Device Schedule is used to define when access rights are required to use the Floor Stop. This essentially refers to when the Floor Stop is locked in a destination dispatch system.
Offline This is the Schedule that defines if the Floor Stop should be secure or not when the connection with the Remote Server is severed. This setting is only used by Kone systems and is filled in as "Always Off" by default. 
User Flag The User Flag field displays information about special configurations possible, such as ADA or Fire Marshall parameters.
Deleted If checked, entry is deleted from BluSKY.

Search Criteria

Name Description
System This field will specify an access control system for the search.
Elevator Bank This will filter the search results to only include the Floor Matrices that are associated with the selected Elevator Bank.
Search Text This field is used to limit the number of rows listed in the list box below. To use simply type a string of characters or words. Please note you will only see those items you have the permission and access rights for. It is a good idea to search first, even when you are creating a new entry.
View The View search Criteria determines how the entries are grouped. Group By Key Pad will display all of the Keypads individually and Group By Floor Stop will group the entries by the Floor Stop as a whole. 
Submit Performs a query based on the criteria selected in the filter.
Reset Clears all fields in order to start a new search.

Floor Matrix Setup Actions

createButton.png Will bring you to the create screen. Use this if the entity does not exist in the BluSKY database. Be extremely careful not to create duplicates with slightly different names.
viewButton.png View will bring you to the view screen. Use this to look up information on existing entities and access Audit Info.
The options for editing a Floor Matrix are dependent on the View selected in the Search Criteria. Please see the documentation for How to Edit a Floor Matrix for more details.
deleteButton.png Delete allows for removal of the entity from the BluSKY database.
expandButton.png Expand adds additional columns to the Integrator information displayed on the List page. The icon now displays as Shrink.
shrinkButton.png Shrink restores the List page to its original column display.
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