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Lenel Equivalency Chart


Some of our customers may be more familiar with Lenel part numbers. These tables will make understanding Mercury's part numbers easy.

Equivalency Chart 

Lenel  Part Description BluBØX Part
LNL-3300 Intelligent network controller LP2500
LNL-2210 Controls a single opening with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability LP1501
LNL-2220 Intelligent two door controller  LP1502
LNL-4400 Intelligent two door controller LP4502
LNL-1300 Single reader interface panel MR50
NA  Single door, network ready interface panel for OEMs, supports PoE  MR51e
LNL-1320 Dual card reader interface panel MR62
LNL-1100 16 input board  MR16in
LNL-1200 16 output board  MR16out
LNL-8000 Multiplexor MUX8


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