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Mercury MR16OUT Serial I/O Controller


Authentic Mercury MR serial Input/output (SIO) devices represent the secondary level in Mercury’s distributed architecture. The multi-device MR16OUT interface panel is dedicated to point control and monitoring, providing 16 general purpose outputs as Form C relay contacts. The MR16OUT also provides individually configurable parameters that can be set for timing and for fail-safe versus fail-secure modes.

Relay operation can be initiated by direct operator commands, by time schedules, or by event-based procedures. The relays support “On,” “Off,” “Pulse,” and “Repeating Pulse” commands. A pulse can range from 0.1 seconds to over 18 hours.

The MR16OUT is configurable to control a variety of outboard devices for general facility control such as lighting, heating/cooling, door and elevator control. Devices can also be activated by the condition of selected system devices, either locally or regionally, without host intervention.

The MR16OUT is an ideal choice for a multi-device interface panel that provides the ability to control high concentrations of outputs.

Application Notes

The MR16OUT is an essential component to support Mercury’s flexible, building-block approach to access control system design. The versatile MR16OUT offers unmatched power to broaden the range of devices and building controls (such as lighting or HVAC) that can be included in system design.


  1. AES 128 Data Encryption
  2. Universal I/O device characterization
  3. Power supervision and tamper monitoring
  4. Universal system compatibility with Authentic Mercury intelligent controllers
  1. Built-in capacity to control and respond to external device commands
  2. Easily integrates lighting, heating/cooling, door or elevator control systems
  3. Initiates commands by operator, by time schedules, or by events
  4. Allows the clustering of up to 16 uniquely monitored devices easily and compactly

System Diagram

System Map


Primary Power:
  1. 12-24 VDC +/- 10%, 1100mA maximum
  2. 12Vdc @ 850mA nominal
  3. 24Vdc @ 450mA nominal

RS–485, 2-wire, 4,000’
(twisted pair with shield, Belden 9841)

2 Dedicated: Tamper and Power Monitor

16 Relays: Form–C, 5 Amp 28Vdc

6.0’ W x 8.0’ L x 1.0’ H,
152mm W x 203mm L x 25mm H)

0-70°C operational, -55-85°C storage 

0-95% RHNC 


  1. UL294 recognized,
  2. CE compliant
  3. RoHS

Ordering Information:

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # Description
MR16OUT 120-2200 Mercury - MR16OUT 16 Programmable Form C Relays 12/24VDCV
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