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Mercury EP4502/LP4502 Intelligent Controllers


The EP4502 and LP4502 intelligent controllers are Mercury Security’s next-generation advanced access control platform. They have direct hardware support for 2 openings and can scale to 64 access points. Built on proven Authentic Mercury hardware, this high-performance controller enables BluBØX Partners to add complementary third-party software applications onboard. In addition, the EP4502 and LP4502 support a variety of extended features including High Assurance Credential Authentication and it complies with the BACnet standard for partners to add a smart link to building automation and control systems.

The controllers enhanced onboard memory are designed to support multiple system applications and increased card populations with its storage capacity of up to 2,000,000 user records and an event buffer of 50,000 transactions. The flexible EP4502 and LP4502 utilizes the Linux operating system for extensive communications support and heightened IT security capabilities. They are also capable of managing access and alarms, and interfacing with an array of Mercury hardware devices - all while providing the required decision-making oversight.

Application Notes

The EP4502 and LP4502 provide a two-door interface with auxiliary I/O, including onboard I/O for 2 readers, 8 supervised inputs and 4 relay outputs. In addition to centralized biometric template management, the controllers support a wide range of reader communication connections, including Wiegand, clock and data, RS-485, OSDP, and OSDP Secure Channel as well as all combinations of ID technologies such as magnetic stripe, proximity, smart cards, keypads, and LCD terminals.


  1. Multi-card and multi-reader technology support
  2. AES 128 or 256-bit data encryption
  3. UL 294 recognized
  4. Alarm keypad with function key support
  5. Support for High Assurance Credentials
  6. Intelligent oversight, auxiliary monitoring
  7. Scalable to 64 access points
  8. Open Architecture
  9. Device Integration
  10. Enhanced Security
  11. OSDP Protocol
  12. Versatile Interoperability
  1. Decentralized system intelligence; functions independently of the host once configured. Intelligent oversight, auxiliary monitoring
  2. Supports a wide range third-party integrations and applications
  3. Flexible for increased device and system support
  4. Native IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity
  5. Use of hardware with Mercury OEM partners' software solutions
  6. Third party integrations and applications
  7. Embedded crypto memory chip and data at rest encryption
  8. Secure channel security for reader connectivity
  9. Same reliable interface and identical footprint as the EP controllers

System Diagram

LP4502 diagram_branded.jpg



Primary Power:
12-24 VDC +/- 10%, 500mA maximum

Serial Ports:

  1. Primary 10/100 Ethernet 
  2. Port 1: RS-485, 2-wire 
  3. Port 2: Rs-485, 2-wire
  1. 8 general-purpose (programmable circuit type)
  2. Two dedicated (tamper and power monitor)

Outputs:  4 relays (Form C, 5A 30VDC)
Reader Ports: 2 reader ports 
Reader Power:

  1. Unregulated pass through (150mA max.)
  2. Signaling card/data, Wiegand, or RS-485 
Reader Signaling: Clock/Data, Wiegand or RS-485 

Keypad: Multiplexed with card data
LED: Two-wire or one-wire bicolor support 
Buzzer: Only with one-wire LED 
Dimensions: 6.0” x 8.0” x 1.0” (152mm x 203mm x 25mm)
Temperature: 0-70°C operational, -55-85°C storage 
Humidity: 0-95% RHNC 


  1. UL294 recognized, CE compliant, ROHS
  2. FCC Part 15 Class A, NIST-certified encryption
  3. BankNet Compliant
Primary Port: 10/100 Ethernet

Door Control: Two readers ports: Magstripe, Wiegand, RS- 485, OSDP and OSDP Secure

Primary Port:
  1. 10/100 Ethernet
  2. RS-232, dial up

Access Control:

  1. 2,000,000 cardholder capacity, 50,000 transaction buffer
  2. 255 Access Levels 
  3. Cardholder 19-digit (64-bit) User ID and 15-digit PIN numbers max.
  4. Activation/deactivation dates
  5. If/then macro capability 
  6. Anti-passback support
  7. Hard, soft and timed forgiveness

Card Formats:

  1. 8 active card formats per EP1501; PIV-II, CAC,TWIC card compatible
  2. Support up to 200 bits with large encoded ID feature

Alarm Management:

  1. Normally open/normally closed, unsupervised, supervised
  2. Standard or custom end-of-line resistances

Ordering Information:

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # Description
EP4502 120-1300 Mercury - EP4502 Intelligent Controller
LP4502 XXX Mercury - LP4502 Intelligent Controller

Additional Resources

  1. Ae Spec (Available Soon)
  2. EP4502/LP4502_DataSheet.pdf

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