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Differentiation Among Cloud Providers

Cloud Provider – Cyber Security, Elasticity, High Availability  
Microsoft Azure
Enterprise Class      
Open Hardware-Mercury      
Destination Dispatch Elevator Security with all 6 Leading Brands      
True Mobile Security – Mobile 1st & Responsive      
100% HTML 5 - No software, Middleware or Apps      
AI Based Intelligence and Monitoring      
System Health Monitoring      
Person Reader      
Unified Visitor Management      
Unified Vendor and COI Management      
Cross-System, Multi-Site, Multi-Tenant Architecture      
Integrated Remote System Test Tools      
Browser based Unified Real-Time Control, Status and Events      
Real-Time Unified Alarms      
Video Integration  
Milestone Cloud, Local, Hybrid
Eagle Eye, + Others
Custom Notifications and Distribution Lists      
Remote Power Control, Analytics and Management   - -
Integrated Remote Support Tools   - -

  = Partial