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Intelligence License Description

Intelligence is one of two required license that covers the following capabilities within BluSKY:


  • Artificial Intelligence –Available and making major additions in 2019-2020
  • Analytics – Available and making major additions in 2019-2020
  • Analytic Dashboards – coming in 2019
  • Reporting – Available
  • Rules –  Available
  • Deep Monitoring –  Available
  • System Health –  Available
  • Notifications – Available
  • Distribution Lists – Available
  • Situational Awareness – coming in 2020
  • Power Management - Available
  • VPN - Available


The Intelligence license is calculated as a percentage of all licenses but excludes Database Integration, SSO Integration, Alarm Integration, Central Station, 3rd Party Watchlist Integration, DDE Support, and all Credentials. It is calculated as a percentage of all licenses because as the number of people, visitors, vendors, and connected devices increases, so does the amount of processing, servers, and storage required to carry out the Intelligence capabilities.


Intelligence is more effective than any central station monitoring solution. Deep Monitoring evaluates every event across every application to determine if it is something that it needs to react to. If it does then everyone important is notified and it takes whatever predetermined action is required instantly. Imperfections are people and process are eliminated.


We expect Intelligence to continue to be a key differentiator between BluBØX and all other competing products in this space. It moves the market from providing dumb security systems to one that is simple to use, automated, intelligent, detect security threats, monitor the system's health and informs and responds instantly when there is a problem.


BluSKY Intelligence capabilities will continue to evolve and become more and more effective over time.

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