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BluBØX Generalized PACS Solution

BluBØX Generalized PACS Solution


Before we start, some comments about CLOUD SECURITY:

How do you feel about the security of the Cloud for Security Applications?

POINT #1: Everybody does it in the Cloud, every second of every day.  For example:

  • Office 365 for business transactions
  • Banking
  • Shopping
  • CRM
  • iCloud, G-Drive – One-Drive for the storage of Personal information


Because, in fact, the Cloud is the most secure place for your data.  So long as it is stored in the right place!

BluSKY is hosted in MS-Azure

What is MicroSoft Azure?

It is one of the prime hosting facilities in the world

  • It consists of Redundant Data Centers – distributed all over the world
  • It Provides Virtualized hardware – unlimited scalability of data capacity and computing power
  • It provides the strongest defenses against hacking
  • All data is fully backed-up – and readily accessed in the case of Business Disasters
  • All data and transactions are fully encrypted: 256 bit to the core
  • All transactions are continuously monitored, assessed and responses are immediately available.
  • Sites physically guarded and biometrically protected. 
  • Service is available 24x7 - 365 days a year

So BluSKY Cyber Security and the protection of BluSKY data are handled by Microsoft in Azure.

In most cases, such protection is far better than any that could be provided by customers on their own premises.