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BluBØX Delivers the Best Global Visitor Management

BluBØX considers visitor management from all perspectives and has created a best in class global visitor management solution that delivers the needs of each group it serves.

  CSO/CRO/Facility Managers/Security Officers Employees Guests
Data Protection and Regulation   Visitor privacy Guest privacy
Analytics & Reporting Global view of risk My visitor activity N/A
Compliance & Risk Auditable & eliminates risk Auditable & eliminates risk Guest experience
Ease of Use Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime Easy to learn Guest experience
System Health Monitoring Know you’re secure N/A N/A
Open HW & SW Standards Future proof Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime N/A
Global SSO & ADFS Integration Compliance & no holes One log on to remember N/A
Pre-Authorization Compliance driver Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime Guest experience
Guest Processing Brand & guest experience Guest experience Guest experience
Turnstile Integration Risk, Safety, Ease of Use Guest experience Guest experience
Future Enhancements Changing threats Ease of use N/A
Global Support Quality of Service N/A N/A
Dedicated Account Management One throat to choke N/A N/A
Product Flexibility and Versatility Changing threats Ease of use N/A
Service Flexibility and Versatility Ease of deployment N/A N/A



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