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Product and Services Roadmap

Access Control
Photo-ID Badging
Alarms and Intrusion
Visitors / Vendors
Destination Dispatch
Person Reader
Analytics / Reporting
Notifications / Distribution
Artificial Intelligence
Power Management
System Health
Digital Credentials
POE/Wireless Lock Readers
Situational Awareness
Incident Management
Diagnostic Tools
Q1’15 Q2’15 Q3’15 Q4’15 Q1’16 Q2’16 Q3’16 Q4’16 Q1’17 Q2’17 Q3’17 Q4’17 Q1’18 Q2’18 Q3’18 Q4’18
        Reporting Permission Upgrade / Platform Upgrade UI Upgrade / TLS VPN / Modules / Roles / Photos / Infrastructure Optimization  Support Request / UI Upgrade / Platform Upgrade 2 Factor Login Infrastructure / Maps / Locations / Performance Upgrades  Person View List Upgrades / Performance Upgrades Device Authentication / Biometric Login

platform / platform1a

platform2 / platform2a

platform3 / platform3a

platform4 / platform4a

      CASI Replacement Boards Reporting Reporting / 4502 IC Board UI Upgrade / Access Level Groups / Events Photo-ID Verification / SoftwareHouse Replacement Boards / Access Level Groups UI Upgrade / Control Points / Virtual Intelligent Controller / Direct to Cloud Employee One Day Pass / UI Upgrade / Analytics / RAND Emergency Action Plan DB Integration / BluREMOTE / RAND Access Audit / Analytics / RAND / Muster / Photo Verification

Photo-ID Verify/Photo ID 1A

Wireless LocksAC2a

AC3 / AC3a

AC4 / AC4a

              Rules/Intelligence UI Upgrade   Badge Management / UI Upgrade / Badge Rendering Upgrade Selfie Badging

Photo ID1/System Config

Photo ID2/Photo ID2a

Photo ID3/Photo ID3a

Photo ID4/Photo ID4a

            Reporting Monitoring Pt. Upgrade UI Upgrade / Monitoring Points UI / Intrusion UI Upgrade Al Analytics / RAND / DICE Integration Innovonics Integration Control Points Upgrade / RAND / CP Analytics

Alarm & Intrusion/System Config

Alarm & Intrusion2/ Alarm & Intrusion 2a

Alarm & Intrusion3/Alarm & Intrusion 3a

Alarm & Intrusion4/Alarm & Intrusion 4a

        Proximity Card Re-use DDE Upgrades UI Upgrade Vendor Processing RAND / Vendor Processing Visitor  Processing Upgrade / PR Integration / Employee One Day Pass Vendor Processing Upgrade / Excel Import Upgrade / Kiosk Print Mode / Watchlist UI/Check Upgrade Visitor Analytics / Kiosk Mode / BluPASS Integration / Driver's License Picture with Scanner

Visitor Digital Cred./Visitors/Vendor 1a

Visitors/Vendors2Visitors/Vendor 2a


Visitors/Vendors4/ /Visitors/Vendor4a

        Core Upgrade   Server Service Core Upgrade UI Upgrade HW Upgrade Analytics / RAND Core Upgrade

DDE1/System Config




        Proof of Concept 3 Reader Development Beta Sites / 3 Reader Development / Testbed  Beta Sites / Core Functions / BluSKY™ Integration / Testbed Turnstiles / HW Upgrade / Direct to Cloud™ / BluSKY™ Integration / Self Enrollment Speech & IR Biometrics / Performance Improvements / BluSKY™ Integration Server-Based Authentication / BluSKY™ Integration / DA Central Beta Site / ACME Beta Site Upgrade Version 2 Hardware / BluSKY™ Integration / Titan Beta Site

PR1/System Config

PR2/PR 2a

PR3/PR 3a

PR4/PR 4a

        Milestone Integration Video Motion Detection Events Camera, Recorder, Server Configuration BluSIGHT Cameras / Video Analytics / Video UI Video Analytics Video UI / Milestone Integration Upgrade NVR Upgrade / Video UI / Milestone Integration Upgrade Salient Integration / Avigilon Integration

Video1/System Config

Video2/Video 2a

Video3/Video 3a

Video1/Video 4a

                      Intercom UI / DICE SIP Integration

Intercom/System Config

Intercom2/Intercom 2a

intercom3/Intercom 3a

intercom4/Intercom 4a

Person Activity Report / Access Report / Access Level Report / Role Report Person Status Report / Delegates Report Alarms Report Expected Visitor Report Visitor Arrival Report Who's In Report Access Denied Report / Audit Report Access Level Groups Report All Events Report Billing Report / Life Safety Log In Report Summary Report / Visitor Statistics Report / Life Safety Org Chart Report Report Subscriptions

Analytics/Reporting1/Analytics/Reporting 1a

Analytics/Reporting2/Analytics/Reporting 2a

Analytics/Reporting3/Analytics/Reporting 3a

Analytics/Reporting4/Analytics/Reporting 4a

        Proof of Concept Core Functions Global Templates / Distribution Lists UI Upgrade       SMS





        Proof of Concept Core Functions Global Templates UI Upgrade Core Upgrade RAND RAND / Threat Level RAND / SMS Interface

AI1/System Config

AI2//AI 2a

AI3/AI 3a

AI4/AI 4a

        Power Management Service Power Management Diagnostics Power Analytics RAND UI Upgrade Global Templates/RAND Upgrade Power Analytics Upgrade RAND Upgrade

Power Mgmt 1/System Config

Power Mgmt 2/Power Mgmt 2a

Power Mgmt 3/Power Mgmt 3a

Power Mgmt 4/Power Mgmt 4a

              Power / Software / Hardware Database / Communications / Security Network / Analytics Analytics / RAND Advanced Analytics / RAND

System Health 1/System Health1a 

System Health 2/System Health 2a

System Health 3/System Health 3a

System Health 4/System Health 4a

                  BluID / BluREMOTE BluID / HID Integration / BluREMOTE BluID / HID Integration / BluPASS

Mobile Credentials/Dig. Credential 1a

Dig. Credentials 2/Dig. Credential 2a

Dig. Credentials3/Dig. Credential 3a

Dig. Credentials 4/Dig. Credential 4a

        PIM400 Mercury Wireless Locks   ASSA ABLOY - DSR Direct to Cloud ASSA ABLOY - DSR Direct to Cloud ASSA ABLOY - DSR Direct to Cloud / Allegion - NDE/LE Direct to Cloud Allegion - NDE/LE / Salto SALLIS-Mercury Direct to Cloud Salto Direct to Cloud

POE Wireless Lock Reader /System Config

POE Wireless Lk Rd 2/POE Wireless Lk Rd 2a

POE Wireless Lk Rd 3/POE Wireless Lk Rd 3a

POE Wireless Lk Rd 4/POE Wireless Lk Rd 4a

                    Proof of Concept Core Functions

Sit. Awareness 1/Sit. Awareness 1a

Sit. Awareness 2/Sit. Awareness 2a

Sit. Awareness 3/Sit. Awareness 3a

Sit. Awareness 4/Sit. Awareness 4a

                      Proof of Concept

Incident Mgmt 1/Incident Mgmt 1a

Incident Mgmt 2/Incident Mgmt 2a

Incident Mgmt 3/Incident Mgmt 3a

Incident Mgmt 4/Incident Mgmt 4a

        DDE Control and Monitoring Points Server / Power Management Power Analytics Person Reader Video / Reporting Rules/Intelligence Virtual Commissioning & Testing

VCT/Testing1Dianostic Tools 1a

Diagnostic Tools 2/Dianostic Tools 2a

Diagnostic Tools 3/Dianostic Tools 3a

Diagnostic Tools 4/Dianostic Tools 4a


BluBØX updates its software every two weeks and has a very precise view of when and how its products and services will lead the industry.

BluBØX maintains and openly publishes a Product and Services Roadmap that describes product enhancements for the next 18 months.

Every BluBØX product evolves every quarter.

Details of each enhancement are available to the public in BluINFØ.

System Integrators, End Users and Consultants can see when and where enhancements will be introduced on the BluBØX road map.