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Why Partner with BluBØX?

What you need to be successful in generating recurring revenue in physical security? What you get when you partner with BluBØX
Comprehensive and Differentiated PSaaS Product BluSKY Software, BluCHIP Hardware PSaaS Platform
A PSaaS Business Model A Proven PSaaS Model that Generates $0.4/year for every $1 of Installed Equipment
A Team that can Sell, Deliver and Support PSaaS 15 Years Experience Delivering PSaaS as an Integrator and a Manufacturer
Sales and Marketing Support to Expand Your Reach A Regional Sales and Marketing Team Dedicated to Pulling Opportunities Towards Our Partners
Professional Services to Extend Your PSaaS Capabilities A Team of Service Professionals that can Fill the Gaps and Extend Our Partners Capabilities

BluBØX will teach you how to generate $0.40/year for every $1 of installed equipment.



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