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Automatic Software Upgrades

Always run the best software available.
Always run the best software available.
Better support.
Faster feature enhancements.
Quick bug fixes.
Less cost.
Minimize installation and security risks.


Differentiating Factor #1: Cloud 1st

Point #1: Means that BluBØX’s mindset is focused on the use of the Cloud to provide the product’s functionality.

Premises: Because of the immense benefits of the Cloud-based architecture

You Can: (six points):

Do more:

  • You have all the Microsoft Azure Benefits

Redundant Data Centers

Unlimited scalability of data capacity and computing power

Strongest defenses against hacking

Automatic Back-Ups of your data

Disaster Recovery

Continuous monitoring of the environment and immediate responses.

Sites physically guarded and biometrically protected. 

Service is available 24 x 7 - 365 days a year

Better platform for collaboration

Own less of everything.

  • No onsite servers, PCs, storage or software
  • Lower initial cost
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Less maintenance and fewer headaches

Secure your data.

  • Strong password and biometric protections
  • 256-bit encryption to the core
  • Offsite and off-network data storage
  • SAS 70 redundant data centers
  • Continuous monitoring, assessment, and response

Get better software.

  • Major releases more often (Quarterly = 4 times more than competitors). Automatically.

Release notes ahead of release…

  • Bug fixes any time = faster resolution of issues, faster support
  • Everyone always uses the same version of the software: the one in the cloud
  • Upgrades are automatic and seamless

Protect yourself against disaster.

  • SAS 70 certified data centers
  • Full server and storage redundancy and high availability
  • Automatic backups
  • Built-in disaster recovery
  • Better data protection

Operate more efficiently.

  • Because you can share and manage your cloud-based data from anywhere, and
  • Because you can partition people’s access to the central databases

You Can:

  • Manage many facilities from anywhere, with any device at any time
  • Aggregate situational awareness and collaborate across facilities
  • Allow tenants to manage their own data and reports
  • Automate delivery of notifications, analytics, and smart reporting
  • Minimize visitor lines with preauthorized visitors
  • Automate delivery of notifications, analytics, and smart reporting


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