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Training Modules

Training Modules
Training Modules are a great way to learn about BluBØX and our cloud-based enterprise access control solution, BluSKY.
  • Administration Training
    In this lesson, we review the administration section of BluSKY. This is where the user will find the most common administrative tools needed on a daily basis. From the administration menu, users will be able to perform common tasks, such as adding new people, adjusting access levels and adding vendors. The available options are determined by the user's permissions that have been set through their Role.
    • BluSKY Hierarchy
      BluSKY is hosted in Microsoft Azure in the Cloud. Instead of running a Server locally on your premises, the security software and your databases are held in the worldwide network of Azure Data Centers. Unlike the local server and software that BluSKY replaces, Azure provides limitless storage and computing power. It defends against cyber attacks. It automatically backs-up your databases and provides an efficient disaster recovery path, all right out of the box.
      • Visitor Request Training
        Visitor Requests help track people coming and going from a secure facility.
        • Visitor Admission Training

          Visitor Administration is used by Occupants of a Facility to admit "Visitors".  Visitors are people who are not Occupants of the Facility but need access to it - presumably to meet with an Occupant, make a delivery, or do work in the Facility. Visitor Processing  has two principal components: "Visitor Invitation" - used by Occupants to create Visitor Invitations, and "Visitor Administration" - used by Security Officers to actually admit arriving visitors.
          • Control Training
            The Control tools are the tools that the building manager, office administrator, or security will have up and running all day to enable them to monitor and change through out the day. This is where you go to process your visitors, check out tenants issues with their cards, lock or unlock doors as needed or just plainly to monitor what is going in in the building. As you will see below these are very focused graphically intuitive tools that will ease your day.
            • Person Reader Training Video
              The Person Reader Training Video shows off the new Person Reader developed by BluBØX Security. The Person Reader is one of the devices here to usher in the era of BluSKY.
              • Report Training
                Getting reports from BluSKY is easy and are available in PDF format and as a downloadable spreadsheet. These reports can detail Alarms, Access, Delegation, Roles and Personnel history.
                • Using BluINFO
                  Welcome to BluINFO, the BluB0X Knowledge Base, where you will find intuitive articles to learn and utilize our products. The best way for us to constantly improve is to engage our community of users. We appreciate your input, your ideas, and your suggestions. Please mention all issues or ideas that will help you and our other customers. This will help to keep our knowledge base the best and quickest resource for our customers...and your end-users.