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Visitor Request Training

Pre-register your expected visitors when possible by creating a Visitor Invitation for each of them: this reduces processing time in the lobby from several minutes, to just 20 or 30 seconds. Doing this is a welcoming gesture that the visitor will surely appreciate - and it takes only a few clicks from you in BluSKY. Pre-registration is also supportive to all of the Facility's visitors because processing moves much faster if most of the arriving visitors are pre-announced.

Logging In

If this is your first time logging into BluSKY, check your inbox for an email from BluSKY. This email will provide information on how to verify the account and create a password. 

Once you have completed this step return to the BluSKY login page, and enter your login credentials. 


Getting to Visitor Invitations

If you have permission to create Visitor Invitations, you will be able to select this option right from the Home Screen. You may also access this screen via the Requests drop down menu.

Making the Invitation

The Visitor Invitation consists a few important parts. We have labeled the required fields below but as a general rule the more information you can provide while making the request the smoother the check in process is. For the complete documentation regarding creating a Visitor, please consult our official documentation found here, or through contextual help found on the top-right portion of each page. 

Create Visitor Request

Create a Visitor Request


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