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Visitor Repeat Options


The visitor management system provides for the pre-registration of visitors.  It is highly desirable to pre-register as many visitors as possible: it speeds not only their own processing upon arrival at the visitor desk, but also the processing of all other visitors.  The Visitor Invitation module provides a fast and convenient way of pre-registering visitors.

Single Visit

This is the most common case.

  1. If the visit starts NOW: Today's date & time are pre-selected.   No further entry is needed.
  2. If it occurs LATER: 
    1. Open the Date/Time selection window by clicking the calendarcalendarBtn.png icon.
    2. Select the visit's Start Date.
    3. Select the Time of the Visit. 
    4. Ensure that Repeat is set to "None(run once)"

Multiple Visits

  1. Open the Visit Date/Time selection interface by clicking thecalendarBtn.png icon.
  2. Select a Start Date for the visit.
    • Note: Follow the steps in the exact order shown. 
  3. Select the Time of the first visit. 
  4. Select the repeat frequency:
    • NoRepeat.png   Single occurrence.
    • DailyRepeat   Visit repeats every few days, depending on the interval selected.  
      1. For consecutive days, set the interval to 1 day, and specify the number of days until expiration. 
    • NoRepeat.png   Single occurrence.
    • WeekdayRepeat.png    Visit repeats for continuous weekdays (Mon - Fri).
      1. A request made for 3 weekdays, starting Friday, extends until the following Tuesday.
    • WeeklyRepeat.png     Visit repeats on the specified days of the week.
    • MonthlyRepeat.png     Visit repeats on the specified days of the month.  
      1. Can be set by date - like the 15th of the Month, OR Can be set as - say - the First Monday of every Month.
    • YearlyRepeat.png      Visit repeats on the specified date (or day) of each year. 
      1.  i.e. on  January 31st OR on the 1st  Tuesday of January.
  5. Expiration Date
    • OnDateBtn.png Sets the date when the invitation expires.
    • AfterBtn.png   The invitation expires after it has repeated the specified number of times.
    • Never Repeat Button   The invitation never expires.
  6. Click the Ok Button button to complete the Visitor Request.


We have put together a few examples of likely Visitor Requests. 

Inspections: every three days starting 4/18

Daily Visitor Request

Three Day Visit: A Visitor for three consecutive days

Consecutive Days

Special Audit Group: 1st Tuesday of every month, for four months

Monthly Request

Employee Training Contractor: Monday and Tuesday of every week until 6/1

Daily Visit Request

Note: The start date does not determine the day the Visitor Request begins, you must select the days of the week using the menu provided.

Annual Executive Team Visit: Second Wednesday of June, indefinitely

Yearly Visit

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