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BluSKY Hierarchy

BluSKY Cloud Architecture

BluSKY is hosted in Microsoft Azure in the Cloud.  Instead of running a Server locally on your premises, the security software and your databases are held in the worldwide network of Azure Data Centers.  Unlike the local server and software that BluSKY replaces, Azure provides limitless storage and computing power.  It defends against cyber attacks.  It automatically backs-up your databases and provides an efficient disaster recovery path.  And this is available to you with BluSKY right “out-of-the-B0X”!


BluSKY is BluBØX’s software – it runs in the Cloud and serves the entire BluBØX customer base.  As a result, it is possible to interchange data between the organizations, companies, facilities or users that are defined in BluSKY, in a way that was never possible before.  BluSKY provides a truly enterprise-level solution.

BluSKY Database Hierarchy

To achieve this, BluSKY databases have a unique hierarchical structure that is far different than most traditional access control systems.  It is important to understand it: Don't worry if this looks a little confusing, we cover all of this information in the next few lessons, but while we are here notice all the cross referencing you can do from system to system and facility to facility. 

crosssystemdrawing_5b copy.jpg

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