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The Control menu contains tools that allow anyone with the proper permissions to control and monitor the system in real-time. This is where you go to process your visitors, investigate issues with their cards, lock or unlock doors as needed, or just monitor activity in the building.
  • Alarms: Observer alarms in real time graphical display, acknowledge and close those alarms, and review alarms historically. 
  • BluREMOTE: Screen to enable user to gain access through doors and call elevators. 
  • Control All: One screen that shows all the control screens, simplifying the operators ability to move from one tool to another.
  • Control Points: Screen to monitor the current status of control points, in addition to Activating, De-activating, or Pulsing a control point.
  • Elevators: Used to monitor the current state of elevators, floors stops and elevator cars.  Anything you want to do with elevators you can be done here.
  • Events: Observe real time events.  See who is using the system, what they are doing, and generally how the system is running.
  • Intrusion: Manage the intrusion of the alarms through arming and disarming of Zones or individual alarm points.
  • Monitoring Points:View the current status of all types of monitoring points
  • Portals: Used to monitor the current state of the portal in an intuitive graphical interface. You can also change the state of the door by Opening, Closing, and Releasing a door, as well as put the door back on Schedule.
  • Video: View Camera (Expected Q2 2016)
  • Visitor: The visitor administration screen, where a user can process a visitors arrival.
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