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Intrusion Control

Intrusion Control
The Intrusion Control screen is part of the Alarm Control interface and provides a tool for controlling the Intrusion Prevention System ( IPS ).

Getting Started

The Intrusion screen gives you a heads up real-time display of the alarms in BluSKY. This can be a critical component of real-time monitoring. When the page loads the Alarm filter criteria screen will be open, allowing you to select the exact fields you need, such as system. Once the filter has been saved it will be remembered the next time you come to alarms.  If there is only one System or Facility these fields may be filled in for you. Please note that you can select multiple Systems and Facilities. These tools are to help you find the information you are looking for quickly and to customize the data displayed. 


Once selected click the clipboard_e7d86efe0486efcb68b5d7c0f9ca29d5b.png button to populate the list. If you need to make a change you can reenter the filter criteria by clicking the filter icon on the top left side of the screen.



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