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Module 102 - BluSKY Configuration

In Module 102 we introduce you to BluSKY and its various configurations. We discuss all of the fundamental parts of our access control solution.
  • Connect a Controller to the BluSKY
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    In this section, we cover all of the steps needed to connect to a Mercury Intelligent Controller. Once finished, the controller will be able to communicate with BluSKY and you will be able to continue the configuration from the BluSKY software.
    • Creating a Customer
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      A Customer is the person or the organization that owns an access control system. BluSKY is built to scale and provides out Integrators with a convenient way to manage Customers with multiple Occupants and Facilities.
      • Configure a System in BluSKY
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        The System is the starting point of a BluSKY configuration. This lesson provides detailed instructions on How to Create a System in BluSKY.
        • Creating a Facility
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          Facilities are the physical buildings that utilize a BluSKY access control system. Facilities also contain the configuration for Floors, Elevators and Elevator Banks. This configuration is also essential for any system that will be configured to provide elevator access control.
          • Creating a Controller in BluSKY
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            The Controller serves as the brain of the access control system and is also how BluSKY is able to make the connection to the physical world from the cloud. In this lesson we discuss how to create and configure a controller in BluSKY.
            • Creating an SIO Board
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              SIO Boards are used to increase the number of Inputs, Outputs and Readers the the access control system can manage. We discuss how to configure BluSKY to communicate with the different SIO Boards making up the System.
              • Schedules
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                Schedules are a collection of time intervals used to control access to Portals or Floor Stops. Schedules provide an easily managed mechanism to manage the access control system based off timing needs.
                • Creating a Portal
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                  In this lesson we discuss how create all of the necessary components of a Portal, including creating and configuring an Input, Output and Reader.
                  • Permissions and Roles
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                    In this portion, we will discuss permissions are handled in BluSKY and how they can be combined together for easy assignments to people based on their duties in BluSKY. How to Create a Role.
                    • Creating an Access Level
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                      Access Levels are a collection of Portals (Card Readers) or Floor Stops (Related to elevator system). Access Levels are a simple way of assigning multiple security points to an individual, Occupant or Vendor.
                      • Creating and Configuring a Person
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                        People are the ones that utilize the access control system on a regular basis. One of the most powerful features of BluSKY is its ability to manage and control the various aspects of any Person in the system.


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