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Demo Kit


BluBØX ships Demo Kits to its Integrators for live physical demos. This kit is meant to be used by anyone hoping to understand how BluSKY works. We hope that people will use the kit for training exercises and explore how BluSKY interacts with the hardware. 

Under the Hood

The board also comes wired with a display of lights that show activity taking place. We had to wire it up so that you get the full display of bells and whistles. We also added switches to replicate opening and closing of Portal. When it is all working together this can help us understand what is going on in the system and provides real-time visual feedback.

Mercury Controller and SIO Boards


Mercury provides us with all access control hardware. The EP1502 serves as the brain of the unit being able to store information about the system and communicate with the other boards. The MR52 is the standard expansion board meant to handle two additional Portals. The MR16out controls the elevator selection and finally the MR16in provides us with enough inputs to simulate a normal system and its Intrusion Prevention System(IPS). We have also included one MRDT by Mercury demonstrate normal IPS arming and disarming capabilities.

  1. MR16out
  2. EP1502
  3. MR16in
  4. MR52
  5. MRDT

LifeSafety Power

LifeSafety Power supplies the power and adds another layer of control over the system. With the NL4 installed you are able to remotely control the power supply and distribution boards. This device will also allow you to remotely monitor all LifeSafety Power devices.This combined with Mercury provides the backbone of the access control system.
  1. FPO75
  2. NL4
  3. B100
  4. D8
  5. M8


The Demo Kit also has two RPK40s and one RP40  by HID, to allow you to test the card swipes and PIN entry.
  1. RP40
  2. RPK40 ( 2 )
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