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Kits Using the EP1502


BluBØX kits that use the Mercury EP1502 are intended for larger systems. The EP1502 is capable of handling up to 64 Readers, 520 Inputs and 516 Outputs, depending on which SIO Boards are selected. The Controller is also capable of handling up to 250,000 users and can have up to 8 card types. In this section of training, we take a look at some of the kits that we offer based off the Mercury EP1502.

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Kit Includes

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # QTY Description
LP1502 120-1101 1 Mercury LP1502: Two door DB controller Ethernet 12/24VDC Auxiliary I/O
MR52-S3 120-2501 3 Mercury MR52-S3: Two door controller & auxiliary I/O 12/24VDC
E4ML-SK-4T 577-3040 1 BluBØX E4ML-SK-4T Speed Kit: Four board precut DC power, RS485 and lock trigger wiring kit
FPO150-B100M8PD8PNL4E4M1-NLKIT 670-1463 1 LifeSafety Power: Eight door power supply w/ power distribution and management, includes enclosure
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