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Integrator Training


Integrator Training
The BluBØX Training section for Integrators, Tech and Sales.
  • BluB0X Ordering Procedure for PSA Members
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    This procedure explains how BluB0X products are to be ordered by PSA members and how the billings will proceed. PRODUCT CATEGORIES BluB0X Products are categorized as Hardware & Services and BluSKY Licenses. The Hardware & Services are “one-time” items: they are paid-for up front. The Hardware includes hardware items and one-time software fees The Services are Professional Services from BluB0X to the Reseller. These items all appear on the Hardware & Services tab of a BluB0X Quotation. The
    • Sales Training
      Sales Training
      • Technical Training
        Technical Training
        BluBØX offers training for our Integrators. This training is intended for installers of BluBØX products but everyone is welcome to learn about our outstanding product.
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