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BluB0X Ordering Procedure for PSA Members

Click to View PDF: BluB0X_Ordering _Procedure_PSA.pdf


This procedure explains how BluBØX products are to be ordered by PSA members and how the billings will proceed.


Product Categories
  1. BluBØX Products are categorized as Hardware & Services and BluSKY Licenses.
    1. The Hardware & Services are “one-time” items: they are paid-for up front.
      1. The Hardware includes hardware items and one-time software fees
      2. The Services are Professional Services from BluBØX to the Reseller.

These items all appear on the Hardware & Services tab of a BluBØX Quotation.

    1. The BluSKY Licenses are recurring items: they are charged for the use of BluSKY, BluB0X’s Cloud-based product.
      1. BluSKY Licenses are billed monthly based on the client’s usage of the BluSKY functionality.

These items all appear on the BluSKY Licenses tab of a BluBØX Quotation.


Ordering & Billing
  1. BluBØX Hardware & Services must be ordered from PSA by the Reseller by way of a Purchase Order.
    1. Upon receipt, PSA will send a Purchase Order to BluB0X
    2. BluB0X will ship the hardware and/or render the services
    3. BluB0X will bill PSA
    4. PSA will bill the member Reseller
  2. BluSKY Licenses are NEVER ordered by the Reseller from PSA via a Purchase Order
    1. Instead, per the BluBØX Reseller Agreement, Licenses are billed monthly based on the Client’s actual usage of BluSKY functionality.
    2. BluBØX bills PSA monthly for the usage of BluSKY functionality by the PSA members’ Clients
    3. PSA then bills the member
    4. Justifying detail for each Client Facility is sent along with each monthly billing from  PSA to its members.   



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