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Permissions and Roles


In this portion we will discuss permissions are handled in BluSKY and how they can be combined together for easy assignment to people based on their duties in BluSKY.


Permissions are granted through the use of a Role. It is very important to the security of your Facility to limit permissions within BluSKY. By being selective over permissions you are protecting people's information as well as increasing the security of the system. You can learn more about permission by checking out our BluSKY Permissions article.

Creating a Role

  1. Log in and navigate to Roles. Main Menu-> Administration-> Roles
  2. In the lower left hand side click the  icon.


  1. Select the System the Role will be used for.   
  2. Next, Select the Occupant that the Role will serve.
    • Note: If a Occupant is selected, the Role will only be viewable to be selected and applied by users with a Role that is scoped to the specified System and/or Company. 
    • Note: If a Occupant is NOT selected, the Access Level will only be viewable to be selected and applied by users with a Role that is scoped to the specified System.  This typically means only the building manager can assigned this Role to a person. 
  3. Enter the name of the Role using the Name field.
  4. You may also add a Description for easy administration of the Role.
  5. You can also specify if the Role should be Applied by Default to the people created with the same Occupant.
  6. Set the Permissions for this role.  Please read the Permissions article if you do not completely understand the impact of each choice.
    • You set the permission by left clicking on the box to the left of the box(s) you want to select.
    • You can drill down into the sub menus by clicking on the hollow triangle next to the option you want to drill into.
    • Key: GreenBox.png = Partial Permissions, GreenCheckBox.png = Complete Permissions.
  7. Create the Role by selecting the saveBtn.png button.
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