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Is BluSKY GDPR Complient?


BluB0X does not do business with the EU at the present time, so it does not have GDPR  certification.  However, work has been done to make the Privacy Policy GDPR-compliant.  The new policy will be published to the site by June 15th 2018.


BluB0X does not share data stored in BluSKY, and this includes visitor data.  BluB0X has access to that data only for support purposes. Occupancy Administrators for each occupancy has access pursuant to permissions controlled by Admin staff.  Note that visitor data collected by Microsoft for visitor admission is no more than the first and last name, the date of the visit and the conference (or group) association.  Visitor e-mails, photos and phone numbers could be collected and stored, but to my knowledge Microsoft is not doing that.  The Microsoft Welcome Center is reporting on visitor admissions,  but I assume such reports are not consequential to your visitors in terms of privacy concerns. 


Please note:



BluB0X does not have the capacity nor the intent to share-out any of the information stored in BluSKY, particularly personal information of users (or visitors). 



BluB0X’s existing Privacy Policy provides protections on how BuB0X handles private data.  Essentially, the data is entered into BluSKY by the user and belongs to the user (not to BluB0X).  BluB0X acts purely as custodian of the data. 



Users who have access to the personal information that is stored in the BluSKY databases obtain such access through log-in credentials and permissions that are given out by Microsoft’s designated administrative staff.  BluB0X’s staff also has access to such data, but in a purely product support role.   



The private data stored in BluSKY is minimal, consists mainly of a person’s first and last names and employer company.   In some instances, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and a picture may be stored. 



The data is stored in Microsoft Azure and benefits from the strong defenses that Microsoft provides against hacking for its Azure data centers. All communications between the BluSKY controllers and the BluSKY website are encoded to SIA standards.


BluB0X will some day apply for full GDPR certification as part of its plan to enter the EU market. 


I hope these representations meet your needs. 




Patrick deCavaignac

Sr,Vice President & COO




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