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Try Before You Buy! BluBØX provides environments that help you learn more about BluSKY, a web-cloud based physical security platform that delivers enterprise-class unified access control alarm management, video surveillance, biometrics, and visitor management on any device, anywhere, anytime.

BluBØX provides a BluSKY demo environment to resellers, end users and consultants for presentations or product evaluations.

To log in to the BluSKY demo environment:

This is the login for Christina Bailey, the Chief Security Officer at American Security. She has permissions for everything in two fictitious buildings; Demo 125 High St. and Demo 127 High St.

Try also logging in as a Facility Manager:

  • Use Email:
  • Use Password: Blub0x123!

This is the login for Michelle Wilson, the Company Facility Manger at National Bank. She has permissions to administer just her company's information in both buildings.

Try also logging in as an Employee:

  • Use Email:
  • Use Password: Blub0x123!

This is the login for Terry Smith, an employee at National Bank. He has basic permissions to use his smartphone to release portals and elevators and invite visitors in Demo 127 High St. only.

Try other Demo Log Ins 

To understand the demo environment hardware view the Demo Environment Schematic

Click on any of the sections below to watch short videos the provide an overview of our BluSKY Demo Environment.


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