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BluBØX Logos



BluBØX™ Logo w/ Tagline



BluBØX™ Logo w/o Tagline


BluSKY™ Software Logo


BluINFØ™ Logo (Knowledge Base)


BluCHIP™ Hardware Logo

Download Logos Here:

Logo specs:

Logo font: Maven regular

Logo color: RGB O, 81, 186/CMYK 92, 74, 0, 0

Hex: #0051BA

Pantone: 293


Logo placement:

Logos should generally be placed top-left corner except in the following environments:

Advertising: Bottom right 

PowerPoint: Upper right - w/ tagline

Enclosures: Vertically and horizontally centered - no tagline 

Color Guide

Corporate ID colors:


Primary colors:

Cool Navy Blue: RGB O, 81, 186 / CMYK 92, 74, 0, 0 / Hex #0051BA / Pantone 2935 c

Dark Gray: RGB 102, 112, 116 / CMYK 12, 3, 0, 54 / Hex #667074 


Accent colors:

Light Blue: RGB 150, 206, 236 / CMYK 36, 13, 0, 7 / Hex #96CEEC 

Gray Suit: RGB 208, 207, 210 / CMYK 1, 1, 0, 18 / Hex #DOCFD2

Cool Light Blue: RGB 73, 175, 226 / CMYK 68, 23, 0, 11 / Hex #49AFE2


Bootstrap colors:

Success: (Green) RGB 92, 184, 92 / Hex #5CB85C

Information: (Cyan) RGB 991, 192, 222 / Hex #5BC0DE

Warning: (Orange) RGB 240, 173, 78 / Hex #F0AD4E

Caution/Failure/Alert: (Red) RGB 217, 83, 79 / Hex #D9534F

Link: (Blue) RGB 66, 139, 202 / Hex #428BCA


Color usage:

Headers: Cool Navy Blue 

Sub-headers: Cool Navy Blue 

Body copy: Dark Gray 

Bullets: Cool Navy Blue

Horizontal lines: Cool Navy Blue - Hairline


Icon colors:

BluINFØ: Cool Navy Blue 

BluSKY: Cool Navy Blue 

Marketing site: Cool Navy Blue w/ Light Blue accent


User Interface buttons:

Primary action buttons: Cool Navy Blue, White Type

Secondary action buttons: White with Cool Blue Border, Cool Blue Type

Inactive buttons: Gray Suit Button, Dark Gray Type


For more color info:


Font Guide

Lato: Google Font Family

Lato is a sans serif typeface family started in the summer of 2010 by Warsaw-based designer Łukasz Dziedzic (“Lato” means “Summer” in Polish). In December 2010 the Lato family was published under the Open Font License by his foundry tyPoland, with support from Google.



Header: Regular, Thin 

Sub-header: Regular, Thin 

Body copy: Regular 

Bullets: Circles 


WebSafe Font Stack: 

Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif


Font download:


Additional Font Info:


Social Media

Instagram: @blub0xsecurity

Ad Size: 1080 x 1080


LinkedIn: @BluB0X Security

Ad Size: 646 x 220


Twitter: @BluB0XSecurity

Ad Size: 1024 x 512


Brand Graphics

BluSKY™ Cloud Plus Icons

BluSKY_Elements_Cloud_April_2018 copy.jpg


NEW BLUSKY CLOUD 2019_Icons.jpg

BluSKY™ Overview
AI System Diagram
9 Key Elements of BluSKY
9 Key Elements_150.jpg
Security and Convenience

BluBØX Products

BluB0X Products 2024 BluINFO.jpg
BluBØX AI Controller
AI-Controller 2 4 Jun 2024.png
AIC Controller Sensor Farm Jun 2024 4.jpg
AIC-2x w Lables NVIDIA Final copy.jpg
AI Controller AIC-4x_low-res copy.jpg
AIC-4 W Labels NVIDIA - Final copy.jpg
BluPOINT Nano Reader
BluPOINT_Smudge_Wiegand 72.jpg Tight Spaces-1.jpg
The Person Reader
PR Family 5 Devices DDE 1-24.jpg
BluB0X Readers Feb 2024.jpg
PR Feb Stacked.png
Person Reader DD copy.jpg
PR - DDE Graphic 3.jpg
BluPOINT Readers and Beacons
BluPOINT Readers - Wht Bkgd - March 23.jpg
BluPOINT Readers and Beacons.jpg
BluPOINT Readers Colors - Wht Bkgd - March 23.jpg
The Building Oracle
Building Oracle copy.png Building Oracle 2 copy.png
Data Lake
Data Lake - Final.png
NVR Image.jpg  
Intercoms 2023.jpg
BluSky iPhone.jpg Adding BluSKY and BluB0X to your world.jpg
IPad w Differentiators.jpg


Please email for any graphics