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How to release a portal when a button is pushed


This article covers how to release a portal when a button in pushed from the front desk.

This is setup using a Trigger (with a Command and Procedure)


  1. Create a Portal
  2. Create an Input
  3. Create a Monitoring Point
  4. Create a Trigger (see Create Trigger for all fields)
    Create Door Release Trigger.png
    1. Trigger Source Type: Alarm Monitoring Point
    2. Transaction Type: Change-of-State
    3. Transaction Code: Alarm (or activate relay: Perm or temp), for this example we are looking for the Active Relay functionality.
    4. Trigger Schedule: Usually this will be "Device Always On (Global)", but you might only what this ability during certain hours. ex. when a security is scheduled to be sitting at the desk.
    5. Monitoring Point: Enter the name of the Monitoring point the button is wired to.
    6. Select Create
  5. Create a Command (See Create Command for all fields)Create Door Release Command.png
    1. Command Type: Momentary Unlock
    2. Portal: The Portal you want to unlock
    3. Strike time:  Set the time for how long you want the portal released.
    4. Held Open Time: Se the time for how long you want the portal held open before an alarm is fired.
    5. Held Open Time Pre-Alarm: Set the time as needed.  Recommend 1 second longer then "Held Open Time" if you are not using this feature.
    6. Select Create
  6. Create a Procedure (See Create Procedure for all fields)Create Door Release Procedure.png
    1. Trigger: Select the Trigger created earlier.
    2. Assigned Commands: Select the command you want and then select the > button to move your selection to this box.
    3. Select Create
  7. Make sure to Sync your changes to the controller using the Controller-Door-Floor Diagnostic tool