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Create a Portal



Portals are the grouping of devices that work together to secure entry or exit. A Portal will contain a combination of locks, inputs, and sensors that assist in managing the access control system easily. This article shows you How to Create a Portal.


  1. Log in and navigate to Portals. Main Menu-> Setup-> System Setup-> Portal
  2. Use the  icon on the lower left side to create a new Portal.
  3. First, choose the System using the dropdown menu.
  4. Then choose which Controller will manage the Portal.
  5. Next, enter a Name for the Portal.
    • Note: Choose a descriptive name to make the management of the Portal easier in the future
  6. Select Location
  7. Select the In Reader that will provide credentials to the AC System.
  8. Next, we assign the Lock Output that will be used to control the Portal.
  9. Set the Lock Output Time Max. This will determine how long the Output is in its unlocked state.
  10. Set the Lock Output Mode by choosing from the dropdown menu.
  11. Now, we must assign a Lock Schedule that will determine when the Portal is Locked.
    • Note: This must be a Device Schedule.
  12. Select the correct Door Contact Input to allow the Portal to report its state.
  13. Next, we will designate the Primary Rex Input using the dropdown menu.
  14. To complete Portal use the toggle to specify if the Portal should be treated as a Perimeter Portal or not.
  15. Set the behavior for Forced Open Portal events​.
  16. Set the behavior for Held Open Portal events.
  17. Set the behavior for Forced Open Priority Level events.
  18. Set the behavior for Held Open Priority Level events.
  19. Select DDE Keypad floor.
  20. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to finish or the SaveAndNew.png to continue configuring Portals.
    • Note: There are many more ways to configure a Portal, Show Advanced SettingsdownArrow.png option will expand these options.


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