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Forced Open and Held Open Alarms and Events


The Door Forced and Door Held events are an important part of an access control system. They can provide alerts when a person is attempting to gain entry or when protocol is not being followed properly. These events come in two flavors, with and without an alarms. The ability decide whether to generate an alarm will come down to your specific needs.

The choice of whether to generate alarms and events or just an event generally comes down to how actively you will want to respond to potential incidents. Facilities that employ a professional security staff and wish to actively monitor the access control system typically are better suited to respond to alarms. All alarms will need to be cleared by a person with the appropriate permissions. This is the reason that some end users choose to forgo the alarm and respond only to the events.

Whether you configure the Portals to create event and alarms or just an event will have no impact on the ability to respond to the event overall, Rules will be capable of interacting with both. 

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