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Portals are the grouping of devices that work together to secure entry or exit. The grouping of Outputs(locks), Inputs(sensors) and Readers helps keep administration simple and easy.

Search Criteria

Name Description
AC System This field limits search results to a specific System.
Controller This field limits search results to a specific Controller.
SIO Board This field limits search results to a specific SIO Board.
Search Text This field is used to limit the number of rows listed in the list box below. To use simply type a string of characters or words. Please note you will only see those items you have the permission and access rights for. It is a good idea to search first, even when you are creating a new entry.
View View will bring you to the view screen. Use this to look up information on existing entities and access Audit Info.
Submit This button performs a search based on the criteria selected in the filter.
Reset This button clears all fields in order to start a new search.

List Definitions

Name Description
System {{System]]
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Name The name given to the Portal
In Reader The Reader used for entry.
Out Reader The Reader used for exit.
Antipassback Mode This mode will keep the card from being used twice in quick succession
Active Lock Schedule Portal Mode This is the mode the Portal uses when first activated or reactivated
Perimeter Portal If checked this Portal is an entry into the Facility.
Offline Portal Mode The default is "No Change". This is the mode you want the portal to be in when the SIO board(s) loses communication with the Controller.  We recommend that this be set to "No Change".  With this setting, if the door was unlocked it will stay unlocked, if it was on card access it will stay on card access. Note: This setting will be used anytime the controller is rebooted
Deleted If checked, entry is deleted from BluSKY.

Portal Setup Actions

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