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How Do I Take Pictures for BluSKY?


Some people have asked how to best take pictures for BluSKY. This process is easy from any browser or mobile device but a few tips and guidelines will make sure you have the best pictures for your records and security badging.

General Tips

Below are some general guidelines for taking good photos for security badging. If you are unsure of additional requirements, consult your manager.

  • Single Person
  • About 3ft (1M) away from background
  • 6:5 aspect ratio (standard size is 220px by 200px), in the jpeg format.
  • Background, plain white or off-white
  • Avoid light sources that cast shadows
  • No flash or camera effects
  • Min. 2 megapixel camera
  • Face directly at camera
  • Head centered in frame


Edit a Person's Photo


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