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Webcam.js Error: Could not access webcam


This section will cover the error "Webcam.js Error: Could not access webcam" that might show up when using a camera to take a badge picture.This message will pop up because as some point someone using the browser was asked if the camera could be used and the user replied no.  The browser remembers this answer, so when an application wants to use the camera it is refused.

If You Are Using Chrome:

Webcam JS error

By clicking on the Camera in the address bar you will have the ability to reset the webcam permissions.

Change Browser Camera Permissions

If Using Chrome on an iPhone

On the mobile version of Chrome on an IPhone you can not directly take a picture in BluSKY, IPhone limitation, but there is a way.  You can select upload via file.  The IPhone will prompt you with two questions.  "Take a Photo or Video" and "Choose Existing".  Choose  "Take a Photo or Video", take the photo and then select upload file again and this time choose "Choose Existing"

Note: If you try the "Upload Via Camera" and select the camera icon you will get "Webcam.js  Error: Webcam is not loaded yet" Message.


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