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BluSKY Differentiated Features and Benefits


  • Physical Security as a Service

  • Lower Up Front and Ongoing Costs

  • True Cloud Protected by Microsoft Cloud Services

  • Automatic Software Upgrades

  • True Mobile Security – Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

  • Real Time Control, Status and Events from Anywhere

  • Person Reader and Integrated Biometric Security

  • Unified Access, Alarms, Video and Visitors

  • Reduced On Premises Hardware and Software

  • Cross System, Multi–Site, Multi-Tenant Architecture

  • Freedom of Use and Enterprise for Everyone

  • DIY Security and Reduced Administration

  • Open Hardware and Open Restful API

  • Destination Dispatch Elevator Security

  • Out-of-the-B0X Advanced Notifications

  • One Common Reporting Engine

  • Analytics, Rules and Intelligence

  • Virtual Remote Commissioning

  • Remote Power Control and Management

  • Simplified and Remote Support from Anywhere

Differentiators Graphic


BluSKY boasts more than 20 differentiated features from competing security platforms.